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That could be a whole thread unto itself - what you, or how many of, would you buy if? LOL

This week the lottery is $88 Mil, I'll make a deal with the Universe, if I am the sole winner, I will build all you guys the rifle of your choice free of charge. :D

Sounds great! we all will hold you to your stake of claim!

As far as answering your Question Jeep, I would stick to the .223, you can get some great grouping with it for your hogs, and the availability of the round would help your pockets. If you build your .223 black rifle what twist barrel are you going to use? If you were going with say a 1-12 or 1-14 I would say use a bullet weighing 40 to 55 grains. You should have some success with that combo. you can always hand load your rounds to the specific rifle if you wanted to shrink your groups some more.
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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