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    AB 2062 is bad and evil. You need to go to your nearest gun store and ask to sign their petition against it. AB 2062 is an attempt to limit your ammunition purchases to no more than 50 rounds per month.

    Here is a summation of the bill taken from

    AB 2062

    "Handgun Ammunition Registration"

    Author: Assemblyman Kevin De Leon
    Status: Assembly Passes bill out and on to Senate


    Handgun Ammunition Under Assualt.....

    In one fell swoop, Assemblyman Kevin De Leon (D-Los Angeles) puts on handgun ammunition all of the harassing methods possible so as to make it as difficult as possible to sell it, buy it or possess it.

    Assembly Bill 2062 addresses handgun ammunition sales:

    *Calls for licensing handgun ammunition vendors

    *Sets up a program run by the DOJ for licensing handgun ammunition vendors

    *Sets up a registry of handgun ammunition vendors

    *Limits sales to 50 rounds of handgun ammunition a month if vendor is not registered

    *Background check for employees who handle handgun ammunition

    *Handgun ammunition may only be purchased in a face-to-face sale. (No Mail Orders)

    *Handgun ammunition is not to be accessible to purchasers without assistance of salesperson.

    *Authorizes the issuance of a handgun ammunition permit to be used at the time of purchase

    *Thumbprint required to purchase handgun ammunition.... to be sent to DOJ.

    *Increases identification requirements for purchasers

    This is De Leon's second bill of this nature and it is considerably worse than the first.

    Is there anyone out there that is naive enough to believe that any part of this bill will stop crimes where guns are used? Can you explain how licensing a vendor will put criminals in jail? Or background checks for the vendors employees will lower the crime rate in the state? Explain to me how ammunition purchasers are benefited when they have to stand in longer lines waiting for an employee to become free to serve them because no one in the store can handle the ammunition except the employee? And another thing, aren't we comforted that purchasers have to give their thumbprint as they pay for their handgun ammunition?

    It is painfully obvious that nothing about this measure intends to address crime or criminals who use guns to bully their way through the day. Nothing in this bill addresses the murder rate, or the crime rate or criminals who utilize firearms for their illegal ways.

    No. Again, it is the innocent and law-abiding who take the brunt of faulty thinking on the part of lawmakers who sit safely in their offices, often times surrounded by security guards, and often times carrying concealed defensive weapons themselves. Look up U.S. Senator Diane Feinstein (D-San Francisco) or State Senator Perada (D-Oakland).

    So, we can conclude nothing other than to believe that De Leon is amongst those we describe as rabid anti-gunners... Anything to harass the gun owner….to make it more difficult to purchase firearms and ammunition....always striving to bring about the goal of eliminating guns and the lawful ownership of any kind of firearm....putting the citizen in jeopardy with little at their disposal for self defense. What else could be believed?

    I believe it is past time to rid the California legislature of extremists opposed to Second Amendment freedoms. It is an election year. Gun Owners, know your candidates and vote accordingly.

    Here is a link to the actual bill as it is currently going to the state Assembly. As you can see, Cali's fascist rulers are making up the rules as they go:

    If your favorite gun shop doesn't already have a petition in rotation, please direct them to this site for copies:

    To everyone who isn't a resident of California, be sacred. Traditionally, this sort of crap is only a few years from becoming a federal law once Cali makes it a law.
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    Sounds like the perfect first test case for the "Shall Not Be Infringed" language of our 2A once Heller is ruled to apply to the states .

    Guns or modern "Arms" are nothing but clubs without ammunition and if one is limited in their access to it their Rights are not only being infringed but this would also go against the Spirit of the meaning of the Militia Clause's definition of being Well Regulated or Well Trained and competent in a persons performance for fighting . How can one be expected to become proficient and remain so with a mere 50 rounds per month .

    Hopefully the legal challenge when it comes will be broad enough to completely eradicate this insanity rather than set us up for another series of piecemeal battles as Heller did .

    What I find funny in all of this is that as it gets to the Supreme Court the antis run a huge risk of slowly turning public sentiment more strongly in our direction . Eventually with this constantly being in News papers and in electronic media the number of antis will shrink as more and more of the ignorant masses that are merely against guns based on emotion will be overwhelmed with facts from all of the various discussions on the subject and no doubt a few will here and there become curious and investigate the facts for themselves .

    The Anti's just aren't quite smart enough to understand that while making one argument for one form of Gun control the logic they use tears down one or more of their arguments for another .

    Classic examples of what I mean .

    They claim to support legal hunting and not want to restrict common guns in use for it , yet they make bizzare claims of how Powerful an AK47 or AR15 are when they both use much weaker rounds than is typically used for the Deer hunting they profess to not worry about .

    They claim to support lawful self defense yet want to bann this and that handgun when the handgun has historically proved to be the handsdown self defense choice .

    Again on the power issue they claim this and that need to be banned based solely on a power basis yet they want to restrict ammuntion that is far less powerful than their examples of those dangerous because they are so powerful even a 454 Casual is far less powerfull than a 30-30 so whats their beef with a little bity 9mm or 45 acp ?

    I honestly hope as they keep the subject in the spotlight more and more light bulbs come on and the people figure out the truth and the Anti's real goals are all along as we have been saying .

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    Keep us posted on this, Matt. This bill, or its defeat, may set precedent for other screwed up states.
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    I read the latest ammeded version (PDF) and did not find any reference to buying more than 50 rounds a month. It reads that you cannot sell more than 50 rounds a month unless you have a license to sell ammunition.

    Interesting that bullets (projectiles) are specifically included. So you cannot sell 51 cast bullets a month to your neigbor w/o having a license. And you cannot mail order a box of cast bullets. All sales must be face to face.

    Of course this does only apply to handgun ammo. So as not to pi$$ off the rifle hunters and skeet shooters (YET, they will get to them later).

    If you live in Kali, this is your fault. YOU have voted these bozos into office and not done enough to impeach them when they get out of hand.
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    I live in Jefferson and didn't vote for any of them. We need to start another succesionist movement. Cali doesn't have the best interest of the far north at heart when they make these stupid laws. We ain't city folk like them, we's ranchers and loggers and miners dammit. Let them have to politics they want, let Jefferson run itself. They need to quit taking our water and minerals and lumber and fish without giving us nothing but stupid laws in return.

    I voted for Doug LaMalfa, here is a beautiful piece of legislation that he wrote:

    AB 1645

    "Emergency Powers: Firearms"

    Author: Assemblyman Doug LaMalfa (R - Redding-Yuba City)
    Status: Signed by the Governor - Chaptered


    AB 1645 (La Malfa - R) Confiscation This bill Prevents confiscation of firearms from law-abiding citizens during emergencies. The nation saw the appalling situation in New Orleans in the aftermath of a catastrophic hurricane, where individuals were put in further jeopardy by law enforcement who removed their firearm protection forcefully from their possession, leaving them vulnerable and at the mercy of the lawless. GOC supports this bill.

    Assemblyman Doug La Malfa


    In a crisis/emergency the Governor has authority above and beyond to address unusual needs. This bill stipulates that the seizure or confiscation of firearms or ammunition from anyone who is lawfully carryng or possessing them can not be authorized.

    again taken from

    Link to the full text:
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    Don't let them pass this California.