Calgary student reprimanded for stopping knife attack

Discussion in 'Legal and Activism' started by Rocky7, May 31, 2013.

  1. Rocky7

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    It seems that many teachers on both sides of the border have gone over to the Dark Side.

    This has me so mad I'm not going to say anything else. I swear, one of these days, somebody is going to get a slap.:mad:
  2. orangello

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    And this is why active shooters can be so successful in a school setting; actions like his are discouraged.

  3. Rocky7

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    I never connected those dots, orangello, but it makes sense. If we are all expected to get into the fetal position and call "911", why would we need guns?:mad:

    What really rankles me about this Progressive claptrap is this:

    Hidden in their ideology is the assumption that we are supposed to turn over our personal safety to the State. That's the big driver behind gun grabbers who never stop yapping about guns. It doesn't matter what facts they are shown, they just keep coming up with one hare-brained hypothetical after another. You try to have a conversation and end up playing Whack-a-Mole. For them, it is somehow reprehensible that you would protect yourself by force or protect me by force or take a risk to do either.

    The second part of the Progressive dogma at work here is that only the State should apply force. Individual citizens cannot be trusted to apply force. So, only the police and other agents of the State should carry guns. That's the same dogma that tells them it was wrong for this lad to step in and stop a stabbing. He should've ran to find a teacher who, in turn, would phone "911". After the crime, those same dullards would stand around waiting to be interviewed while they wring their hands and moan about what happened.

    I suppose it might seem like I beetled off into left field with the gun thing, but there's a connection in the teachers' thinking in this story, gun controllers and the dogma of Statists. They all read from the same play book. The more of this crap I see, the less likely it seems that we can get this turned around peaceably. We are dealing with some very dim bulbs here. And cowards, on top of it all!
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  4. johnr1943

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    DIM, VERY DIM??? There's NO bulb in the socket!! :eek:
  5. DFlynt

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    I want to marry his mom, there's a lady that has her head on straight about how to raise her kid! I'd be proud as hell to have a son like him.
  6. Jagermeister

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    The mom should just ***** slap the principle. I bet the principal would go to the corner whimpering in a fetal position.
  7. JTJ

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    And they dont even allow them to pray anymore while they are getting slaughtered.:mad:
  8. blueocean

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    So I guess the plan is that if we teach our children to be sheep, they won't question authority and fight the government when they are adults. They will learn to stand by and let the government handle all. Don't get involved, don't be a hero, don't fight for those weaker or who can't fight. That is not the job of a citizen.
  9. Daoust_Nat

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    I have two very young elementary school teachers living across the street from me. I asked them how they feel about trained, armed guards in their schools. With no hesitation they both said, of course not, it would frighten the children. I said, as much as gunshots in the shool would without guards? I told them I felt the kids would not even notice, and though the protection would probably never need to be used, it was like fire insurance on their house. They said it shouldn't be necessary, and I agreed with them on that, but it could be necessary, and you cannot effectively add it, and bring back lives after a shooting.

    I am not sure what makes that concept so hard to understand.
  10. Rocky7

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    I believe you can't be born that stupid; it has to be learned.

    About 3 years ago, my kids' school asked for feedback from parents about school security. I wrote them a long note about a few trained teachers, a couple of .45 1911's in quick-open safes and how that would work better than hiding under a desk hoping you're not noticed. I never heard back from anybody.

    People who think frightened children are a worse outcome than dead children need to get help.

    (My children aren't afraid of guns, btw.)
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