CAI Mosin Nagant 91/30

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    Have this Mosin that has had a bit of th sticky bolt problem in the past. I know we don't want to resurect old threads but I'm getting ready to go to the range in a couple of days and was cleaning and lubing, is there anything that will cut invisible cosomoline ie (baked in/on) I hve tried the usual suspects and ain't thrilled about hosing my Mosin down with brake cleaner.

    I also noticed that and at the end of my bolts lift, (currently cleaned and oiled) that the bolt seems to drag about the last quarter inch. Is this related to my sticky bolt problem or some other problem of which I am unaware. I don't seem to notice that amount of drag on my M44 nor does it have the sticky bolt problem it has a slick bolt.
  2. TimL2952

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    Well, the only way I know of is to soak the metal parts in Gasoline for 4-6 hours, pull it out and scrub and then lay out to dry so the gas evaporates...

  3. therewolf

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    Have you noticed whether you are splitting the cartridges?

    If you are using old ComBloc ammo, the shells have a tendency to

    fracture. Once this happens,(during firing) the bolt is sluggish going

    up the last 3/4 inch of travel, but once it's up, the shell

    ejects cleanly...
  4. jpattersonnh

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    Clean well w/ Mineral spirits. Check for cracked cases.
  5. c3shooter

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    Remove bolt. Short length of cleaning rod, .45 caliber brush, Hoppes #9. electric drill. Chuch rod in drill, dip brush in Hoppes, insert into CHAMBER, and only THEN spin the brush (or decorate the walls in the den) Keep brush moving in-out-in-out for 30-45 seconds. Swab chamber well with dry patches. The bolt design and angles, along with cocks-on-opening makes these hard to operate sometimes.

    Of course, I am assuming that you stipped and cleaned the INSIDE of the bolt.....
  6. bigedp51

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    Take a shotgun mop use a short piece of cleaning rod attached to a battery drill and clean/polish the chamber with J&B bore paste and Kroil. The steel ammo coating, dirt, and years of oxidation can cause sticking in the inside of the chamber and a "clean" polished chamber is a happy chamber. :D

    The hard bolt lift is caused by the cocking piece dragging on the bolt body, remove the bolt. Now inspect the camming surfaces for rough or galled metal, stone/polish as required. Then grease the camming areas on the bolt body and see if it gets better. (smoother operating)

    Below, grease cocking camming area. (Super lub works great) This is the area you are feeling and moving across as you lift the bolt. ;)


    Keep the rear of your locking lugs greased to ease bolt opening and to prevent ware or galled metal on the lugs.


    If you can dissemble your bolt completely you will be much better off getting the bolt 100% "CLEAN".
  7. Bigdog57

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    I too have had very good results from the bore paste polishing technique - but go easy - a little dab will do ya!
    I also find that the cheap Czech Light Ball Silvertip seems to stick more than the Hungarian Heavy Ball copperwashed.......
    My brass-cased handloads are slick as goose snot......
  8. bigedp51

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    J&B bore paste is softer than steel and used by competitive shooter to clean their custom barrels.

    J&B bore paste will NOT harm your chamber or your bore, it was designed to remove carbon residue and light copper fouling and copper is softer than barrel steel.

    These guns were stored for years and tarnish can build up from just sitting around in storage. Once the chamber is cleaned and polished there will be nothing to cause the cartridges to "stick" in the chamber.

    Please read the link below.

    J-B® BORE COMPOUND & KROIL - Brownells
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    Go to You Tube and look for a guy named Irag Veteran 8888.

    His videos will show you a few good ways to cure the stickey bolt as well as make your Mosin more accurate and have the bolt running as smooth as silk to boot.
  10. Joshua M. Smith

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    Take a bamboo skewer (found at the grocery store) and split it lengthwise about an inch.

    Insert a folded piece of 60 grit sandpaper and tape the end.

    Put the other end of the skewer in a drill and run it slooowly in the clean, dry, cool chamber for about 30 seconds. Be sure you do get into the lead.

    Swab out the barrel and repeat.

    Now, stuff the CLEAN, DRY chamber full of paper towels. Throw the barrel in the oven at about 150 degrees for half an hour or so. (You will not compromise the metal until way above that temp!)

    Using hot pads, pull the barrel out and remove the paper toweling. It will be soaked with cosmoline.

    While it's warm, wipe the chamber with more paper towels the best you can, repeat, and keep repeating until cool.

    Repeat the process, then let the barrel cool naturally. No sense in risking brittleness by cooling it with water, though the temp is low enough I doubt that would happen anyway.

    The first step gets rid of surface cosmoline, which dries into a clear, hard film.

    The second step sweats it out of the metal's pores.

    Hope this helps!

    Josh Smith