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  1. savageman97

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    Well unfortunately I can't afford to go out and shoot just for fun and there are no hunting seasons open so I am wondering is there any DIY gear I could be working on for next season? I'm open to any hunting related weekend projects?
  2. c3shooter

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    Ballistic tables for what you shoot

    Pocket sized AW CRAP! kit for hunting or walks in the woods

    Make a knife

    Pellet rifle

    Plan a garden (even if it is a container garden on the patio)

  3. jjfuller1

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    have you checked your local DEC? i'm sure there is some season open for you. here in NY woodchucks, red squrriels, and crows are open season ALL year long.

    but if you want other ideas... make a good to go bag for hiking, hunting or walking. have survival gear and other things in it.

    or make targets for you next shooting session. i often find old magazines and cut pictures out of them to shoot at . you can also look up online how to make your own shoot n see targets. and they work pretty well.

    organize your shooting space, build shelves

    take up wine making.

    read a book, or 4

    write some stories.

    research different places to get gear you think you want.

    or just take a nap and dream... :p
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  5. shouldazagged

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    Some good ideas here. I can't get out as much as I used to and can no longer hunt due to health problems; but it's past time to get the bug-out bag from my car, check the contents, and see if additions or subtractions are in order.

    I'll probably make a pot of chili or a shepherd's pie, maybe some bean soup.

    I love baseball--probably will watch an exhibition game or two on this cold, rainy Sunday.

    Fantasizing about women is always good...:cool:
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  6. lbwar15

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    I hunt on privet land. Here Is what I do.

    Build stands and shooting houses

    Plat summer plots

    Maintain camp sight and roads

    Put out trail cams

    Pre season scout (I know what is ware before the season starts)

    Something is always in season so hunt

    Go fishing

    Go camping

    Drank a lot of beer

    I know shooting a gun is a little hard to do for some people right now. But if you bow hunt you can never have to much practice. Try to challenge your self. Shoot at multiple angles and around obstructions. Sometimes you never get that perfect broadside shot. So you have to compromise.
  7. eatmydust

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    Predator hunting and shed hunting sound good, for this time of year.

    Introducing yourself to local farmers to see if they need any predator or crop damage control would be a good idea.

    $150 -$200 gets you a decent air rifle and some pellets.

    If you have a hunting dog, training is always a great idea.

    Get out at dusk & dawn and glass the areas you hunt for population densities.

    Use yer noggin, there's plenty to do all year long!!:)
  8. unclebear

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    When I get sick or just can't get out because I hurt myself (happens alot) I usually read a book or wittle things out of wood. When I was up north for a while I bruised my ribs and damn near broke my leg after a night drinking with some guys and my mom got me into crocheting I made scarves and what not and even a blanket. Basicly anything that involves working with my hands keeps me sain
  9. tri70

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    If you have property to hunt, trim up shooting lanes. Build a new stand, look for trails to hunt off from. Coyotes are good to hunt if you state allows. Shooting prairie dogs is cheap fun, even with air rifles.
  10. Ruger52

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    I am in the same boat. Today I counted my ammo.Then opened up my gunsafe, a polished few weapons. I found that my Mosin Nagant had been put away wet, so that kept me busy for about two hours. My 1911 needed some love. I have an old rusty 1908 Springfield, that I plan to restore one day. My dad had planned to restore it. Ummm, maybe I will let my son restore it. LOL.
  11. savageman97

    savageman97 New Member

    How do u make a ballistics table?
  12. jjfuller1

    jjfuller1 New Member

    be sure to use the same ammo for all the shots.

    shoot at 100yards, record the POI.

    shoot at 150yards,record the POI.

    shoot at 200 yards, record the POI.

    shoot at 250 yards, record the POI.

    hmm see a trend?

    now, take an index card with all of your known data, and tape it to said rifle stock.