CA: The California Monopoly Finds Itself Innocent

Discussion in 'The Club House' started by sculker, Feb 16, 2009.

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    The great state of California releases a violent criminal without following any of its own rules, and then the sicko brutally stabs a 15-year-old girl the next day. According to this article , the black-robed ruling party boss finds the government “not guilty” because, as he so aptly put it, the government has no duty to protect the public.

    Why does anyone trust the government to do anything on behalf of the people and even more, why does anyone trust the government to be able to stand in judgment of itself in an honest or fair manner?

    Judge clears state in parolee's attack on girl
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    ""There's no recourse for anything that they do regardless of how grossly negligent their behavior is," Linda Schaller said last week in an interview from her San Francisco home, where her 17-year-old daughter, Loren, is still recovering from her wounds in the May 2007 attack."

    Yes there is, but it's generally not spoken of in polite society...yet.

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    Anybody have an address on the patrol board who let that monster out?

    I am sure someone might like to have a discussion as to the Pros and Cons of early release and violent offenders...

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    That would be commifornia for ya.
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    Anyone remember the scene in Sin City where Clive Owen takes Benicio Del Toro's head, shoves it in the toilet, and says (while holding a straight razor to his neck) "Hi, I'm Shelly's new boyfriend, and I'm out of my mind" ?

    I think there would a lot less crime if criminals were so spooked upon 're-entry' to society that they would just go hide in their little pathetic shells of existence......
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    I would refer you to my sig line, with the note that it is just about upon us.
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    What it is never too soon to start shooting people.

    I can solve all the crim problems. Everyone is to carry a CW when out in public. It is not the federal or state governemnts duty to protect the people or person. Then it falls by default to the people or person. That is they way our country was set up correct. So therefor the 2nd Admendment allows me to protect myself at all times. There should be no training and no lic requirments to CCW at any time in anyplace.