CA Legalmags Sale - Modified mags for 10 round states

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    WWW.CALEGALMAGS.COM Website launch sale!!!!!!

    I am proud to announce the launch of CA Specializing in permanently modified 10 round magazines. I would like to offer my products to other states that share the same 10 round law as well. If you like the look of the high capacity mags but don't want to break the law you can buy a permanently modified mag if your local laws permit.
    I will have my top sellers on sale while they last. Soon there will be a larger variety to choose from as things progress. (AR, AK, Glock, conversions,etc..)
    These mags are epoxied shut internally so they can not be dissasembled or manipulated. All mags hold 10 rounds only.

    Please check it out, and bookmark us if you like. As out inventory and selection will change constantly.

    Thanks, John @