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I'm a new C & R licensee and have recently purchased my first few C & R firearms using my license.
Can anyone tell me what, if any, are the record keeping requirements?

I received a packet from the ATF but its not very clear on exactly what records I need to keep.

Sgt. Mena


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You must maintain a "bound volume" of acquisitions and dispositions.

It CAN be kept on computer. You CAN buy a printed form from Brownells. Me, I went by Dollar General, got a small stitched journal type book, used a ruler, set up lines and columns- in two sections.

Front of the book has "Acquisitions"- guns I acquired- bought.

Date, type, action, make, model, caliber, serial number, from who, where.

Typical entry may be:

1/21/15 Rifle, bolt action Remlin 12-A, 22LR, No serial number, Joe Doaks Guns, 33 Mockingbird Lane, Sterling, West Carolina.
1/22/15 Shotgun, double, A H Fox, Sterlingworth, 12 g, SN 1234, Booby Broke, 12 Oak Lne, Hampton VA

If I sell or give away a gun- same thing, in the Disposition section.

Modern guns you bought outside of your license do not go in your bound book. ATF wants you to list any C&R guns you get, even if you did not use your license (face-to-face buy from a non-dealer) but I do not see that in the regs. But I do it.

When you renew your license, you will be asked how many you acquired, how many you disposed of- easy to pull out of your book.

If you ever destroy a gun (bought a non-working Marlin 81 for parts, did not need receiver) destroy the part by cutting it with a torch into 3 pieces, and in disposition, list it- but for name of recipient put DESTROYED BY TORCH CUTTING.

I also keep a large envelope taped inside back cover- if I got a gun from you, and you sent me a copy of your license, tuck it in there.

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i bought reg fire arms dealer log book offline google fire arms log books you will find em for about 29 buck,s according to the atf i talked to on phone that is the 100% legal way to keep the record,s of ya buy,s.And w/e you decide to trade sell or giveaway.aquisitions for what ya buy .but i do not sell mine , so that part i will never use.They will go to my son or be sold all at once upon my death.I buy gun,s not sell them just me.I have had my c&r going on 9 yr,s now.
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