Buying used guns to sell question

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  1. KeithB

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    so you look up the value of the gun based on condition in the blue book, what percentage do you pay the seller? like 60% of retail?

    what on a consignment, keep 20%?

    i have no clue ,so cue me in as to what is the fair and going business practice in the gun shop.

  2. JonM

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    Depends on who is doing the buying and what the gun is. The bluebook is a reference price. When I sold my ruger sr556 I got a little more than blue book. Most gunshoos will offer 50% of bb value and will often down play its value

    It varies greatly just depends on the shop. Same for consignment sales.

  3. rustycrusty

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    I think it depends more on the area than anything else. A gunstore I worked at for a while after I retired from real work would lowball all day long. I got some good deals because management was so cheap. Like the Savage 311 for $60'cause they offered the guy $30 when he came into the gunroom where I was he was complaining and I just asked how much he wanted. I also got a Colt Python 8 3/8" bbl NEW in box still had the tag on the trigger guard $250.

    If they could not buy it at their very undervalued price we could negotiate with the customer, we just had to go outside the store to make the deal so the seller could not come back and claim it was the store that bought the gun.
    Consignments in this area are usually 20%-25% of selling price. Special orders are $25, and trasnferrs are $50 (customer buys gun and has it shipped to your shop) no gun store in this area will give much more than 1/2 of bluebook.
    One store offered me $500 for the Python!
  4. Ilv4xn

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    I think the shops around here are about 30% I charge 10% or $25 what ever is greater. I hope to have some money so I can buy things outright rather then deal with a consignment.