buying new reloading manual after 15 years

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    Getting back into reloading after 15 years. My grandsons are asking about reloading, so dusting off the press and dies and looking to buy reloading manuasl. Looking on the web, the loads that I was using are over max for the loads listed on todays web. What I have now is Speer's # 9,10 and Hodgdon 26 manual. Will most likely stay with Speer and Hodgdon. Just checking to see if there are any better manuals after 15 years. Thanks
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    Berger will email you complete load information for any caliber you want for any of their bullet types. I just got a full page of .243 loads from them yesterday. They haven't published a manual yet.

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    i'm partial to Nosler's reloading manuals. Speer is another good one. person can never have too many reloading books! good luck.