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Discussion in 'General Shotgun Discussion' started by Buskowski, Mar 8, 2013.

  1. Buskowski

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    I've been looking at a lot of shotguns lately but I need some advice on a good one, that's not too expensive. I want one that will work all around for clay pigeon shooting, home defense, and maybe even bird shooting. I'd like to get a semi auto, but I have no problem with pumps either. I came across a Winchester SXP at scheels today which I liked the look of. Any thoughts on this gun or maybe on a different model?

    The gun pictured is the SXP Marine Defender.

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  2. shadecorp

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    I Likes my Remingtons.
    870 and 1100.
    Have heard good things about the Mossberg.

  3. akers06

    akers06 New Member

    If you are going to be doing any hunting you may want to look at some guns with removable choke tubes so you can change the choke for whatever you are hunting Winchester makes models of the sxp with these....the sxp is a good gun also check out the benelli novas....I'm not a big fan of the Remington or Mossbergs but a lot of people out there shoot them everyday without a single problem
  4. kbd512

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    If you are going to buy a shotgun for HD, I would suggest not worrying too much about looks and start worrying more about functionality.

    Here's what I want from my HD shotgun:

    - Reliability

    - Easily actuated controls (with a firing grip)

    - Correct length of pull (wing shooting is not the same as HD shooting)

    - 18" to 20" barrel length (not typical for hunting shotguns)

    - More than a 4 or 5 round capacity (hunting restriction)

    - Reliable white light (SureFire is the only brand that's up to snuff)

    - Tritium night sights (I prefer rifle sights to beads, but that's just me)

    - Red dot optic (because lining up two points is easier than three)

    All that stuff starts to make the weapon nose heavy, just plain heavy, and less useful for shooting clays- so you're going to have to decide what the primary use is for the weapon or re-configure it for hunting.

    Reliable semi-auto shotguns generally cost significantly more than reliable pump shotguns, going against your stated desire for an inexpensive shotgun. Once you add all the stuff that I would add for HD, a less expensive pump shotgun starts to become a little pricey.

    I like Remington and Mossberg pump shotguns, have used both, and wouldn't have a problem with either. There are also other perfectly good pump guns out there, like the Winchester you posted a pic of.

    Semi-auto shotguns are fun to shoot and have a few advantages over pumps in some areas, but are most definitely more expensive.
  5. sbach311

    sbach311 New Member

    I just bought a mossberg 500 that I love. It has a 20" barrel so it's great for a self defense shotgun too. It wasn't too expensive at $300 so I'm liking my decision. Not to mention all the ad-ons you can put on it
  6. Shoots2little

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    I recently purchased a Mossberg 500 Flex series. The multipurpose model I got came with a 28" barrel with removable modified choke and raised rib double beads. Also bought a 18" barrel for HD and short length stock for the wife. Stock and barrel added $150 to the cost but basically the gun can do anything now. I fully realize it is a compromise in most aspects but at the price they are certainly ones I am willing to deal with and have another shotgun around for fun and guests. I went out and shot a few rounds of trap with it yesterday while my son shot my O/U. I was figuring I would do a lot worse than I did with the pump, pleasantly surprised to say the least. I am not much for fancy wood so I don't mind that is plastic, black and basic!
  7. kiabe1

    kiabe1 New Member

    Mossberg 930s are good low priced semis that are well built and with a couple of different barrels will work for the things you described
  8. longunner

    longunner New Member

    I also have been thinking about a semi...not to steal your thunder OP but does anyone have any reccomendations? I don't want to give an arm and a leg but I do want a good gun...
  9. orangello

    orangello New Member

    I like this recommendation. My old Mossberg 500 came with a 28" barrel for bird hunting and now wears a 18.5" barrel for home defense use. I can swap back to the bird-hunting barrel if i get the urge. I can easily remove the side saddle shell holder for hunting use.

    One reason the Mossy is my bedside/goto for HD is that i have more hours shooting and using it than any of my pistols or SKS.

    I would be hesitant to buy a stainless shotgun for hunting due to visibility.
  10. Buskowski

    Buskowski New Member

    Thanks for all the suggestions guys. Now to just go to a gun store and give these shottys a look over.
  11. locutus

    locutus Well-Known Member Supporter

    Get a Benelli M-2 or M-4 and you won't need to add anything.