Buying my first pistol, HK P30 or HK45?

Discussion in 'Semi-Auto Handguns' started by ck204, Sep 17, 2010.

  1. ck204

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    Well, I'm ready to buy my first pistol for self/home defense. I have a rifle and a shotgun, shot several different pistols before and I'm pretty comfortable with both 9mm and .45.

    The two pistols I'm considering right now are HK P30 and HK45. The P30 is 9mm with 15rd, and HK45 is .45 with 10rd.

    I don't have tons of experiences with pistols(will be doing a lot of practice after I get the gun) and I don't expect myself to be very accurate in a situation where I have to protect myself or someone else with the pistol.

    I do think the .45 is more powerful than 9mm but can't ignore the fact that I will get 5 more rds with the 9mm.

    Do you guys think I should go with less powerful and more quantity or more powerful less quantity? (And ammo price is not a deciding factor here) :)
  2. Uncle Tom

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    HK 9mm vs 45acp

    This is a very personal decision. Statistically in the USA, it's about a 50-50 split (much more toward 9mm in Europe). If you can try both pistols, I would take the one that you shoot better under rapid fire -- you may for example find the 45's grip is really too large to keep control based on your hand size, or find that the 9mm is too light and has too much muzzle flip to come back on target for follow-up shots. Run this test with what you are going to shoot in terms of energy/recoil -- most people load their 9mm SD guns with 9mm+P ammo. Hope this helps.

  3. HKSlinger

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    There is absolutely nothing wrong with the 9mm. Especially in the H&K platform.
    9mm ammo is much cheaper than .45,even +P. Which, means more time at the range. And,when it comes right down to it,some dirt bag won't care one bit whether its a 9 or a .45 that just put two in the chest and one in the head. Shot placement is everything.
  4. indyfan

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    any reason why you want the polymer HK pistols?

    If I had to buy an HK, I would go with the USP9 or USP45 (Tactical versions if available)

    It's a little more pricey than their polymer pistols, but I haven't heard any real good things about the HK45 and P30.

    and anyway, if do decide to go Polymer, there's only one handgun you should be buying, I won't say it because I don't wanna start a thread war. ;) but let's just say it rhymes with something you put on your feet.

    JJAMISON New Member

    If you are choosing handguns for personal/home defense look at every quality gun made, Sig, HK, Glock, Para Ord, Taurus, ect...

    Guns fit people differently. I have shot and carried guns of different companies and calibers over the years. I have a Para Ordnance P14-45 LDA beside my bed for night time duty at home, and a Kahr CW9 for off duty, at home carry. I like the Kahr CW9 better because I can stack rounds easier with it because of lack of recoil. The Para is really just for me when i go checking strange noises. I can tear you apart with it but still love my 9mm.
    Don't settle for a gun because of name or what a friend says. You are gonna have to go and really give every gun a fair shake. if you have already played with the HK then do a sie-by-side compare with it and other pistols.
    Anyway, goodluck in your search! I hope you get a tack-driver.
  6. Missileman

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    The HK45 is the USP45 with some additional features, such as a larger magazine release and different grip sizes--it is the top of the line in HK. However, if you like the USP grip, you can get basically the same pistol in the USP 45 and it holds 2 more rounds (12) of .45 ACP in the magazine. The P30 is the latest and greatest 9mm from HK--better ergonimics in the grip. I'd love to have one and it's on my wish list. You can not go wrong with any of these choices!! My choice with be either the USP45 or HK45 if size doesn't matter, or the P30 if you like something smaller to handle/carry. Good luck.
  7. Warren2

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    My personal preference would be the 45, but like i say that is a personal preference. Shoot the one you are the most comfortable with and can get the best results with. As for the amount of rounds, most combat situations unless you are facing 2 or more shooters will be decided within 2 to 4 shots so what real difference if your magazine holds 8 rounds for 20?

    You always here shot placement is critical, well, that is true. And the smaller the round, the more critical it is. A 45 in the shoulder will do a heck of a lot more damage than a 9 mm in the same place, but a 22 in the eye will do even more damage....:eek:
  8. lbostons

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    I personally believe that you cannot go wrong with either choice. I lean towards the 9mm because of the cheaper ammo and softer recoil. If you want really good information on either gun go to Todd G. tested the P30 last year (extreme test) and is doing the HK45 this year. It is a very interesting read. The HK P30 had over 90,000 rounds through it and was only cleaned ~12-13x. The HK45 has over 40,000 rounds down range in a short period of time. Both guns he tested are LEM V4 (converted from V2).
  9. Transman

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    Get the best of both worlds,15 rounds of 45 in a FNP45 tactical with Doctor red dot sights,ideal home defense piece,and with threaded barrel,a silencer ,you won't even wake the neighbors!

    JJAMISON New Member

    i have thought a while further. Go all out and get a Barrett M82A1.
  11. 753X0

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    If you can find one, then this is was my choice. (USP Elite in .45)
    Don't worry about recoil, they have a recoil attenuation device built in, (it feels more like a shove than a sharp kick).
    Higher capacity mags are available.
    They can also operate DA/SA like a Sig or single action, like a 1911 type.

  12. IXLR8

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    I have the 9mm P30v3 and enjoy it. It is fairly accurate, but the trigger feels a little "squishy". The recoil and follow up shots are very good. Given the choice again, I probably would still buy one, but get the P30L long slide version. But my need is not a carry weapon, it is just a range gun for me.

    My purchase was based on a few outstanding reviews, by qualified individuals. Currently I would say that the gun has better accuracy then I am capable of making use of.

    Of my friends that have shot it, the one thing that everyone says is how well it fits their hand. Finding a pistol with the perfect grip is a win in itself.
  13. misterballistic

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    Just to note that the USP's are also polymer. In fact, virtually all of HK's current pistol line ups are polymer since HK's main target market is military and LE; not a lot of 'em carry heavy steel sidearms anymore.

    The HK45, as someone else mentioned, is pretty much a "next gen" USP and the intention was to submit it for the US Military's Joint Combat Pistol program for appraisal and testing towards the next approved standard issue sidearm. Unfortunately the US military scrapped the program before evaluation could begin.

    The P30 and its variants are aimed at the police market, hence the "P" designation, but for all intents and purposes it too is based on the USP platform. It was supposed to be an upgrade to the P2000 (which also is engineered around the USP platform) and was originally be to called the P3000.

    However, the P30/L/LS do not use the HK recoil reduction spring system like full-sized USP's. Instead, it uses a synthetic (i.e. nylon) recoil buffer.

    If you've never held one you have! The best description I have heard is that it just melts into your hand and, yeah, I gotta agree!

    The advantage of going HK45, or P30/L/LS over the USP is that they have the new features of modular grips. In addition, the OP may want to mount a tactical flashlight and the newer HK's use standard picatinny rails whereas the USP's still use HK's proprietary rail system from the early 90's so you either have to use expensive LAM's and lights designed for the USP or buy a picatinny rail adaptor --Why don't they offer USP's with a picatinny rail as standard instead now that we're in the 21st century? Who knows?

    To answer the OP's question, the caliber is personal preference. I highly doubt 9mm is a wimpy round for defence as some have made it out to be. I certainly wouldn't want to stand down range with an apple on my head and let anyone shoot at me with a 9mm! Would you?

    Not to mention if you're in a civilian self-defence scenario you'll probably going to be shooting at less than 20 feet or less and you better be damn sure what/who you're about to take down.

    If you're concerned about 9mm stopping power you can, as others have suggested, load it ready with +P JHP's (if legal in your locality), instead of FMJ's. Not to mention JHP's might better avoid dangerous ricochets and strays from hitting innocent bystanders while you defend yourself, loved ones, or your property from a criminal.

    Also as many others have pointed you're more prone to practice shooting more the less it costs you and 9mm is A LOT cheaper to shoot with than 45 ACP.

    However, if you want the best of both worlds (larger caliber and increased capacity) then consider the P30/L/LS in .40 S&W.
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