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    I'm not new to buying guns and I hold a chl but I've never bought a gun online. I live in south texas and there's not many restrictions. My question is do I need any permits before I buy online can the gun be sent to my house or do I have to send it to a gun shop. Do I fill out an online purchase form or do it at home and send it in?
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    buy it. send it to a local ffl holder. fill out the form at the store.. drive home with gun :)

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    Pretty much what he said but check with the lgs first alot will charge you $10-$80

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    One thing to add-
    If the seller is NOT a FFL then make sure your receiving FFL will accept from them-- Some these days will not--
    Best thing to do is only buy from Texas individual sellers- Then it can be shipped TYD :D
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    It costs me $40 but I have all my guns shipped to my gunsmith. When I get a new gun I am as giddy as a 14 yr old girl. My gunsmith spots things I wouldn't look for. If the gun is not what you were promised you don't have to accept it. My gunsmith makes certain I get what I was promised. A service that is well worth $40 to me.
  6. c3shooter

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    To briefly add to the good postings above me-

    When being transfered across a state line, gun MUST go to a FFL holder in your home state. It cannot be shipped directly to you (except for antiques and muzzleloaders in MOST states).

    Auction sites like Gunbroker and Auction Arms have a "find a FFL" feature on their home page. Put in your zip code, it pulls up the FFLs that have registered with the site as being willing to accept a transfer firearm.

    If I win an auction, I print 2 copies of the auction, put one in a stamped envelope addressed to the seller, along with payment. On the other copy write my name and phone number. Go to the FFL, give them the envelope and the sheet with your name and phone number. They can stick a copy of their FFL, or a note with their name, address and license number in the envelope- seal it, drop it in mail.

    They keep the other copy as a reminder for when the gun shows up (Who ordered this .29 caliber Remchester? Oh, HE did)

    When it arrives, your shop calls you, you go do the 4473 with the shop, pay them for their time, take gun, go.

    When bidding for a gun, be sure to include the shipping costs and FFL fees when you are pricing out your purchase. If shipping is $80, and FFL charges you $100, better be a REAL good price on the gun. If shipping is $15, and FFL is $10, I might bid a bit higher.
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    Just today I sent in my FFL CR app. It cost me $30 which is less then most FFL's will charge you to buy it for you. I was looking at a WW2 handgun for my boy for Xmas and it is cheaper for me to get my CR permit and order it myself from an importer then to buy it from a dealer and if I want to buy any other relic within the next 3 years I will be even more money ahead. Just something to think about. I may see what a full FFL cost, I don't buy many guns but if it isn't a big deal I may send for that too.
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    Wait so if it's in your state and your buying it online it can be shipped TYD?
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    shipping guns

    The moderator was right on,but I think he left out the FBI background check.
    That and logging in and out the firearm is about it. Personally I feel $40 is high
    and I know ffls can charge whatever. But you do the paperwork he makes the call and logs the firearm in and out, But I personally do not charge half that and maybe that's just me. I have put firearms on auction arms, gun broker, guns America most all the sights personally I give the NRA sight auctionArms my business. A buyer gets three days to look over the gun take it to a gunsmith ask whatever just no firing of the piece is allowed. It's a good way to buy a gun anywhere in the U.S. and not get out of your easy chair.
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    Duck- unless you are "engaged in the business" of buying and selling guns, have a business license, place that is zoned for busines, etc, you can't get an 01 Dealer's FFL- trust me- ATF will not issue one for personal use. But for us hobbyists, the 03 C&R FFL is a darned good deal. Numrich and Brownells will also give you a discount with an 03 FFL. Had mine since 1976.

    Ruger- if you are buying from a private seller WITHIN YOUR OWN STATE- in most states, it can be shipped to you. A dealer cannot, except in very limited circumstances (think of someone living 100 miles from the nearest dealer, etc)

    Meyek- yer a good man. The price for receiving and transferring is all over the place. Some folks charge $10, in CA some charge $150. Some are smart enough to realize that if it brings a potential customer inside your door, you have the chance to sell him ammo, sling, scope, cleaning gear, holster- and maybe his NEXT gun. PS- here in VA, no FBI check- we have our own state check system older than the NCIS. $2.50 charge for that. Can be done by phone or on line.
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    As long as no dealer is involved. If the seller is a dealer then it has to go to another licensed dealer. What is referred to as a face-to-face transaction is a sale between 2 unlicensed individuals that are both residents of the state where the sale takes place. Not sure the private party can ship it directly to you, plus there are also restrictions on shipping a handgun, but you can meet anywhere convenient to both parties and make the deal.