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  1. bluegrasstank66

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    Hi Guys,

    Soon I am going to go pick up my new rifle from my dealer but I have a few questions. I know that as soon as you take the firearm into possession, it it considered a used weapon. So how do I check the rifle to make sure it is completely fine? Am I allowed to take it out and physically check it myself or do I have to ask them to do it?
  2. Thadeuce

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    Did you purchase it from them or a third party? If you purchased it from them and they got it from the factory, you can just ask them to go over the weapon with you so that you feel comfortable that everything is in order. If you bought it from a third party, ask them to go over it so you can be sure of getting what was advertised. In any case, they should be willing to help you sort out your fears of taking receipt of a used weapon.

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    Ask them, not us.