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Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by rccalzadilla, Aug 25, 2011.

  1. rccalzadilla

    rccalzadilla New Member

    I wonder if good deals are to be had at Gun Shows.
    Just found out that there is a show coming to Miami, FL on Sept 3 & 4.

    Would you guys I hold out until then?

    So far I only have a stripped receiver (Spike) and all the parts for it (Daniel Defense).
  2. canebrake

    canebrake New Member

    Slim pickings at the gun shows here in South East FL. Parts are hit or miss and the prices are the same (or higher) than on-line.

    I get my AR build parts by shopping on-line.

    The shows here in Miami and Ft Lauderdale are just extensions of the local gunshops and some vendors that travel the circuit.

    Ammo isn't that good of a deal as it used to be. Too many yuppie gun owners in this market.

    Our area lacks in great gun shows like you see up North or out West. :(

  3. Snakedriver

    Snakedriver New Member

    Yeah, same here! :( Gun Shows used to be fun & a good place to go for the "deals", but now they're pretty much a waste of time and money unless you're looking for some good beef jerky or Beenie Babies. I can't even remember the last time I bought something gun related at a gun show.

    On-line is the best way to go even with shipping. ;)
  4. rccalzadilla

    rccalzadilla New Member

    canebrake & Snakedriver:
    Really appreciate your inputs.
  5. VitSports6

    VitSports6 New Member

    Surely you mean "plush targets" right? :D
    Gun shows locally are hit or miss, I have chatted with a couple of local gun shops that don't attend, They all say the good deals are generally gone before the opening day, With the sellers doing business the night they set up.
    I will agree on the prices as well, The only benefit is you will have it same day rather than a few days later.
    Best of luck
  6. NOVA

    NOVA New Member

    Why not go for the fun of it?

    If you search on previous threads you will find other comments made about gun shows here and on other gun forums. Thing is, if you've never been to one before and they aren't charging an arm and a leg, why not go anyway?

    Not to buy anything, but just go see what they are like. There ARE accessories and gun related things you might not ever think of getting elsewhere. Also, ask your frirends who've been before, will there be an NRA booth set up outside? If you are interested in joining they might be selling memberships, maybe even at a discount. Go for the fun of it, I say! :)
  7. jjfuller1

    jjfuller1 Active Member

    i like gun shows for a few reasons. sometimes you find a deal. not always but it can happen. and you see and get close ups of a lot of guns, gear, and accesesories that you might not always see or find. often hard to fins parts are there and theres always mil surplus if you decide you should want a day pack orcammies.. but to me its kinda like the fair..and you dont know whats there untill you go.
  8. 7.62 Man

    7.62 Man Member

    From what I have seen at the local gun shows, the bigger the show the better the deals. The small shows around here only have 200 to 300 tables.
    To get good deals the show needs to have 500 or more tables.;)
    There will be a good show in Indy this weekend The Indy 1500, I think they call it that because it has about 1500 tables. It takes me about 3 to 4 hours to walk through it, but I won't get to go because I got to work this weekend.:(
  9. mjkeat

    mjkeat New Member

    My outlook on gun shows is grim. I'll second the beef jerky comment above as that seems to be the only good thing I've seen in a while (last couple years). Prices are high and its mostly all junk. The salesmen either don't know their stuff or are liars. I sometimes hang out just to hear the BS these guys spew to unsuspecting customers. Makes the $8 entry fee easier to deal w/
  10. Buckeyeborn

    Buckeyeborn New Member

    In Cali they gone to hell since the used market is **** and
    Prices are high now Reno is still ok for ammo and parts and
    In the bay area parking cost 10 bucks before you get in
  11. 7.62 Man

    7.62 Man Member

    I noticed that the ammo dealers are adding the shipping cost and then some to the cost of the ammo. It is real hard to find a good deal on ammo that is why I buy mine online.
  12. Chainfire

    Chainfire Well-Known Member Supporter

    I go to a lot of shows. It is like fishing, sometimes you catch the big ones, sometimes you don't. I used to live in Miami and went to the show there often. (1990s) Is it still at the Coconut Grove convention center? I thought it was great. I bought my first Norinco SKS there, NIB for $79.00......

    The best thing about the shows is you get to handle a lot of product. If you can't find a deal, at least you can see how it feels in your hand. You can't do that online.

    I also go early and look for private vendors first, and I have got some great deals there. I swapped a $200.00 shotgun for a $1100.00 rifle at a recent show. We were both very happy. My son bought a "broken"1911 for $400.00 at the last show. We brought it home, turned around the main spring and had a $700.00 great shooter.

    You have to know the value of what you are looking at at the shows or the bug can bite you and you can get taken if you aren't careful. I take my favorite firearms value catalog and leave it in the car for reference if needed.

    There is something to be said for the crowd at shows too.... the most polite people you will ever be around.
  13. Gordo323

    Gordo323 New Member

    I still like to go, I am loyal to my FFL and he has one of the largest tables, but I've only bought one gun from him at a show, I find I get a better deal if I contact him personally and let him do some shopping for me.
    Usually I buy knives, magazines, holsters, etc., but have a great time window shopping:D
  14. Rick1967

    Rick1967 Well-Known Member

    I rarely miss a gun show. Sometimes I buy. But not usually guns. The guns are usually overpriced. But if you are looking for parts, or used reloading stuff, bargains can be found. I went to a gun show one time that had a booth with nothing but 1911 parts. Amazing!!! He had everything. You could have sat there and assembled a gun! He had everything from trigger kits to grips to barrels and compensators. His prices were pretty good too.
  15. freefall

    freefall New Member

    I go to gun shows more often than not. 300 tables is a big show here. I have friendly nodding acquaintance with several people I only see at gun shows. The Lovely Mrs bought me a Kimber Compact Stainless at the Palmer show a few years ago for $550. I bought her one at the Palmer show last spring for $700. (Yes, she's worth $150 more than me.) I got a Marlin .30-30 at the Wasilla show last spring for $275. Maybe not world-beater deals but I'm happy. I've been to many shows and seen the same old crap on table after table, but once in a while something springs out at you. The fishing analogy is a good one.
  16. Quentin

    Quentin New Member

    I've skipped the last few gun shows here, rarely find a good deal. Last one was some surplus AK mags for $10 ea. But you never know what you'll find, I just don't expect much anymore.
  17. ZombieKiller83

    ZombieKiller83 New Member

    The last gun show i went to this year was as follows

    Cheap Brands: Brands like Taurus, RIA, etc. there were deals galore, for obvious reasons :p. Same with Russian guns like the Makarov or Tokarov, deals galore.

    Reputable Brands: Brands like Springfield, Ruger, Glock etc. most were "how dare you!!!" priced. There were a few deals like a lightly used Ruger SR9 for 380 and (still kicking myself in the arse for this one) a Gen4 Glock 17 BNIB for 430.00. I almost pulled the trigger on it but the feel in my hand was meh, not terrible but not great. Also knew nothing of the pricing otherwise i would have bought it, run a few boxes through it and if i decided it wasn't for me probably could have sold it for profit :mad: The guy selling it was a pretty cool dude as well, he was a Vietnam Vet from the Marines and just a really cool, knowledgable guy.

    AR's: These were "how dare you!!" priced and then some! Like for instance saw a DPMS rifle that sells for around 900.00 and the guy was asking 1500 for a USED one!!!

    Ammo:Same prices as Gander Mountain so no deals to be had there

    Either way it was fun as i got a chance to put my hands on some guns i've never even seen in any LGS i've been to as well as some cool WW1 and WW2 relics. You may not find the deal of the century but i still think it was worth the entry fee :cool:
  18. PanBaccha

    PanBaccha New Member

    There are two places you'll hear: "Stick 'em up!"
    Golden era of Cagney, Bogart, & Robinson. And
    today at your average gun shows!
  19. RecklessRegard

    RecklessRegard New Member

    In Southwest Ohio, you can get okay deals on ammo, and the guns are a little cheaper. And, there are a few tables that will make holsters for great prices, and they're made to your specs.
  20. wooleybooger

    wooleybooger New Member

    Ive mostly given up on gunshows for a bargain. i do still go to look at the old stuff. for those considering an AR build (or 1911 ) or buying accessories, its a good place to pick it up and get a "real feel" before buying from the net.