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    Hi, I recently moved off campus (im a studen living in NH) and he apartment is in a pretty sketchy area near low-income housing (im a student, so i cant just move away.. its actually the best apartment within a big area of here.. brand new building..) but i worry its a bit of a target considering i drive a BMW and its a brand new building. So all the people saw me move in a big tv and stuff (i work part time as a personal trainer, while studying exercise science so i make decent money for a 20 year old :D)

    I have never owned a firearm. My girlfriend's family is hugely into them. Her dad is willing to teach me all the basics and she already knows them. I have a MA liscence and residency currently. Could i purchase a shotgun with my MA liscence since i am over 18 without having to change residency (i will only be up here 3 years then moving back to MA for a while, i will deal with MA laws then) or do i need a NH liscence?

    edit: i will take courses on safety and take every step i can to learn to safely and properly use it in a self defense/everyday storage situations. And plan to use it regularly at a range right down to road to keep myself familiar with its use
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    Well first off, I would work on some of your spelling there, you are going to college you know! :) So the answer to your question is no, you don't need a license to purchase a shotgun in NH. Everything you need to know is here:

    Frequently Asked Questions about New Hampshire Gun Laws | Free State Blogs

    You would be very wise to take your girlfriend's father up on the training and hopefully get some safety instruction from certified range or instructors on the use of that shotty.

    Also from your description of your new digs and the list of nice stuff you described, including that BMW, you were indeed no doubt noticed moving into there and I am pretty sure someone probably took inventory for later reference. Make sure your door and window locks work and are secure, maybe even get you a dog, oh, and good luck with your pursuit of a degree and be safe, also be aware of your surroundings at all times. :)

    Why does this sort of remind me of this? May not be a bad idea. ;)


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    you need your FID from your state. Buy a shotgun down there ,or buy one in NH, have it transfer to you in MA. Then use it in NH. Take your GF's Dad up on the correct use of a firearm.
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    Is that if he still holds MA residency?
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    If he's a student, yes otherwise he needs to change his residency status, like drivers license ect.