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    I currently own a cva wolf 209x50 magnum muzzleloader and I love it. I'm thinking about getting a better muzzleloader; more specifically, one that's heavy enough I can run magnum loads out of it. My wolf is a 6.3 lb beginner ML ($250 kit at gander mountain). I'm trying to decide between :

    1. Cva accura v2
    2. TC omega z5
    3. TC triumph
    4. TC bone collector
    5. TC pro hunter fx

    I'm in high school and I wanted to know which of these muzzleloaders would be the easiest one to save up for on an average part-time summer job and it still be a decent inline rifle. If I buy it online, will one of my parents have to sign for it? Fedex and ups that "work" with kendallville, Indiana (my hometown) rarely make you sign for stuff. They have left my newest airsoft gun on the porch. Heck, they even left some .41 magnum ammo on the porch before. I know the weight limit (without signature) is bogus because they left my gun rack on the porch. One of my neighbors had them leave a sink on their porch.

    Which of these three would be my best chance of getting the one I want :

    1. Buy it online
    2. Do multiple laps through gander mountain's gun department (behind the counter)
    3. Try Walmart when they get their ML's in

    Every year my local Walmart store gets muzzeloaders in stock every year as a seasonal thing. Most of them are cva rifles, they do get a few TC rifles in; usually an omega z5 and a TC impact.

    Thanks guys!

    P.s. recoil isn't an issue up to 50lbs of recoil with iron sights or 45 lbs with a scope. I run a 295 grain powerbelt HP with 2, 50 grain pellets out of my wolf and it kicks about like a 20 gauge slug.
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    I would keep the Wolf, and save up for an Optima. Wait until the end of smokepole season in your area, and hit WalMart at that point to buy your new one. I picked up a SS and camo wolf in mid December 2009 for $175 at my local Walmart. They had the Optima for about $225 at that point.

    As to being able to shoot a larger charge, your Wolf is a magnum and it will handle a 150 grain charge with powder pellets. The safe max for all of the current M\L rifles with loose powder is 100 gr. Buying a new rifle to be able to shoot a bigger charge will just be wasting your money IMO. Pick up pellets, and save your money.

    If you are buying a new one to replace your Wolf, have at it. im fact, sell the Wolf to cover part of the cost of replacing it. just to shoot a "bigger" charge, you are wasting your cash for no gain.

  3. cva209x50

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    My real intention when I bought my wolf was to get a cheap muzzleloader and see if I liked muzzleloading before I fork over $400+ for a good one. I love my wolf and I plan to keep it in the long run so Dad will have a ML to use after I get my new TC muzzleloader. I am either going to get the pro hunter fx or the bone collector (triumph). Bare minimum would be the omega z5. When I was growing up, cva was trash and the only decent one they made was their Kodiak rifle and they took that out of production. I was born in 1998 and I remember seeing the original promo ad for the TC encore when it came out.
  4. JonM

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    Get a lyman great plains 54cal percussion.

    Mine does right around 2 inch groups at 100yards with patched round ball and open sights.

    54's hit like a truck if your deer hunting.

    I started with a cva wolf and regret getting that gun.
  5. cva209x50

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    I'm going to stick with 50 Cal inlines.
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    If you want a muzzle loading rifle that may stay in one piece when something goes wrong, get one from Pedersoli. They use much better steel. One may be had from, or from the Pedersoli dealer in the US Beauchamp & Son 413-698-3822

    Yes, i am an Old Geezer who survived intact his teen-aged blackpowder fun by the Grace of God. Chances are you will, too. Our late ambassador to France once said "God helps those who help themselves" Me, i am all for buy American - in everything but muzzle loading rifles. Experience includes a half-century as a metallurgist, and expert witness in a couple of muzzle-loading rifle cases. After one of which, by coincidence, Douglas Barrel makers ceased to produce muzzle loading rifle barrels. I have sufficient youthful memories remaining to expect that you will pay this Geezer no mind, and I realize statistics are in your favor.
    Nevertheless, look over to see what they offer. Their rifle barrels are of far superior steel to anything put out in this country (save expensive barrels by James McLemore, Hebron, Indiana and Ed Rayl, West Virginia I think.)

    You will find no popular gun "Expert" who agrees with me, save for a couple other Grumpy Old Men who happen to know whereof they speak.

    If you want a powerful rifle buy a breech-loading Winchester, Savage or Ruger in a popular centerfire caliber, perhaps .308 Winchester. Strongly made and reliable weapons. Hey, some even come as interesting falling-block single-shot rifles.
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    T\Cs are good rifles. Save up, find the one you like, and pick it up.

    As to the commercials from when it first came out, take it from someone who has a couple decades on you, commercials only serve one purpose. that is to get you to buy the company's product, regardless of whether it is a good product or it is crap. Not putting down T\C or any other maker out there. just some words of caution. if at all possible, find a couple friends who shoot the top 3 you are interested in, and see if you can get some range time with them. With muzzel loaders, most shops will not take them in trade, so once it is bought it is too late to take it back because you found out it didn't suit your needs.

    Best of luck to you.

    JCK. I have a couple of pedersoli cap and ball revolvers. I love 'em. Going with a friend to try out one of their rifles sometime over the summer. i have heard good things about them, and it's time to check one out.
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  8. gunny100

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    muzzloe loaDER

    I have a thompson center omega stainless with a nikon scope
    if your instrested
    you could email me

    asking 300 obo

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    Hi, I have an Optima pistol, and love the quick, no tools breech plug. I would go with the CVA just for that alone , but they are very accurate firearms too! I also own an Omega Z rifle, and it's good rifle but my CVA is more accurate, and quality workmanship is there too. I use Blackhorn 209 in my muzzle loaders, excellent ignition and very clean, easy clean up.:cool: good luck in your search !!