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    I bought a new savage mark II fv. The firing pin wasn't striking consistently or deeply enough so I was getting numerous misfires.

    Against the policy of the warranty, I lightly worked on the firing pin in hopes of making it work, per the other threads on this forum. It didn't work because there wasn't enough material there to begin with. Savage was good enough to take the gun in to repair the problem but only after I started raising cain with their local sales reps. The gun should have worked fine to begin with.

    When I got the rifle back, my case was broke (could have been the shipping company). I then noted that the headed stud on the back of the bolt that follows the sharp channel was showing noticable wear; however, I confirmed it was in like new condition before I sent it in (something fishy going on). I then noticed the action was completely different. Before it was like butter and silky smooth, now it was rough and very hard to work.

    The receipt said they replaced the firing pin and changed the head spacing. When I took the stock off, I noted the front receiver stud was loose and cocked away from the receiver towards the barrel, evidence that it was cross threaded. There were metal shavings...etc. on the receiver stud and inside the new reciever pin in addition to the small metal shavings I found throughout the action. I then tried to back the front receiver stud out and it popped right out. They drilled a new receiver pin right through the threads of the front stud! A complete botch job. All of the threads inside the receiver stud hole were completely gone.

    I contacted the same customer service rep. that I had been dealing with and in a not so nice manner told him that this was unnacceptable and I wanted the rifle replaced. He tried to make it sound like the 2nd receiver pin was part of the original design and it was there to hold the front stud, then after trying to portray the situation as my fault he told me they wouldn't replace the rifle but would gladly try to repair it after confirming that I didn't do anything to void the warranty otherwise they would charge me. This is a brand new gun and it no longer has a receiver stud because of their poor craftsmanship. I don't believe this gun is even repairable and certainly not a firearm that will last a lifetime. This is a brand new gun we are talking about here!!!!!!

    Anyone who frequents any firearm forums can attest that there are numerous quality issues with Savage. This is the 2nd new savage bolt action gun that I have purchased in the last two years with basic functional mechanical problems. I now have a $235 boat anchor with no recourse. I strongly recommend not buying any Savage product. Their quality control is in the toilet and their customer service is founded on deception.

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    Keep pressing the issue. Surely somebody up the chain will listen and help.

    In the meantime, I'm not buying a savage anything.

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    I love my Savage Mk II BV. For the price it's a very accurate shooter. The AccuTrigger is very nice. It'll shoot rings around my 10/22's that I've put new barrels & triggers on, the way it came from the factory. I recommend them to friends & strangers alike. I'll also be getting one of their new .308 bolt guns eventually.

    Good way to start with a flame 1'st post, after nobody wanted to hear it on RFC.:rolleyes:
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    Sounds to me like a case of "I have Dremel I be gun smif" if you ask me.
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    That's funny right there - and I'm afraid too true. :cool:

    Welcome to the Forum reggart -

    My suggestion is that your next step is to write a letter, in detail, and send it right to the President of the company. By pass everyone in a sales or customer contact position and go right to the source.

    Send it registered mail - that always garners attention.

    I would also indicate in the letter that this is not the first time you have been given the run around and are feeling that the company is no longer reliable, and in that belief, you feel you need to spread the word to other potential consumers.

    I would be willing to bet that will get you some attention to your problem. ;)

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    I could easily fix that rifle BUT I strongly suggest you make the company fix it 1st. If they don't, your local gunsmith can fix it for you. Welcome to the forum! Please keep me updated so that I may be able to assist you in the PROPER repair of your rifle. Neil
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    I owe you all an explanation of what ended up happening. I had some back and forth with the Savage customer service representative about the serial number. It turns out that the lady at the counter was brand new to the sporting good store where I purchased it and she messed up on my receipt, the serial number she wrote down was not the same that was on the gun so Savage was not trying to pull a fast one. Regardless, after negotiating our way through it, the customer service representative offered to send me a new rifle, which after all things considering is a stand up thing to do considering I did void the warranty originally.

    I haven't received the rifle yet but I got his confirmation that he would personnally inspect the rifle that gets shipped and I promised him that I would post my target with one ragged hole after I get a chance to take it to the range.

    So for those of you considering on buying a Savage, I won't tell you that you won't have any problems because I would be misleading you based on my experience but I will tell you that if you give them a chance to come clean on the deal, they will step up and do everything they can to satisfy you. There are a lot of other companys out there that won't do that.

    thanks to those for your feedback.