Buy a SIG--Win a Car?

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    Interesting! Buy a SIG--Win a Car? Reviewing the cost of each, the cheapest to purchase floats to the P250 2SUM Item number 250F-9-2SUM (9MM), MSRP $945.00. I have to add that a co-worker will be very very upset if I purchase this set in 9mm or 40 cal version. He has been wanting one for awhile and his wife said - "NO". :D

    Cheaper than dirt - $726.00

    63377 - SIG Sauer P250 2SUM Semi Automatic Handgun 9mm Includes Full Size P250 and all Sub Compact P250 Components


    Buy a SIG--Win a Car?

    ( – SIG SAUER is running a summer sweepstakes in which shooters who purchase a SIG SAUER 1911, Classic Pistol, P250 2SUM, SIG516 or a SIG556 rifle from your storefront dealer’s inventory between now and September 22, 2010 are entered for a chance to win a new Mercedes Benz GLK SUV or a Smart Car Pure Coupe.

    SIG SAUER will draw the winning entry and award the Mercedes Benz GLK to the entrant and an identical model to the dealer who initiated the sale. A second place winner will receive a Smart Car Pure Coupe, as will the participating dealer.


    Simply mail in a copy of your sales receipt and Federal form 4473 as proof of purchase. All entries must be postmarked no later than September 24, 2010.
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    too bad my local sig dealer closed