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  1. mattybock

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    I'll be starting up this fall/winter in a new town. My previous try to start up was shot down by the city for want of a bribe.
    I'm wondering a few things, and if you could help me out I'd be very happy of it.

    1) how many guns do you sell per week on an average basis, and do you experience fluctuations in the year (christmas, elections, etc.)
    2) what sells better; military rifles, commercial rifles, auto-pistols, revolvers or shotguns?
    3) what percentage of your profit comes from ammo or accessories sales?
    4) how many black powder long guns do you sell?
    5) would you say that people are willing to spend more to get specifically what they want, or do people buy the cheapest and hope for the best?
  2. ctshooter

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    Many of your questions can be answered by your own shopping experiences. You too are a consumer, how do you shop?? What do you buy??

    I know these questions are being directed to other shop owners, but it's really an unanswerable question or questions. Different areas are going to have different types of customers.

  3. readygirl

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    The shop/range i work at .

    1) Average 25 - 30 per wk.
    2) Auto-pistols by far
    3) Almost all, there is very little mark up on firearms
    4) 5 or 6, the Thompson Hawkins rifle is our best seller, until primitive deer season, Then we see a spike in breech loader sales.
    5) Gun people want what they want, and they know what they want.
  4. mattybock

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    I wonder if the stats are different for shops out in the country vs in the city, where i suspect auto-pistols would not be the biggest seller.
    Would that be 5 to 6 blackpowder guns per year, or per week as with the other guns?
  5. danf_fl

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    Check with the local DNR and see what is coming for seasons.

    I would rather get a rifle that I can use in the upcoming season, than to have a shop order it and miss the season altogether.

    Sometimes other things will sell better than firearms. (Got ammo?)
  6. c3shooter

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    Answers will be all over the place, based on where you are, and the type of shop. For instance- in the South, there are many areas that are Shotgun only for deer-BUT- allow muzzle loader rifles. PA, semi auto rifles cannot be used for big game. VA, no .223 for deer. Big city? Concealed carry guns.

    As said, lot more markup on scopes, slings, cleaning gear, etc.

    If you have not considered it, get over on and and get registered as a transfer dealer- someone that is listed on their "find a ffl" function as being willing to receive a firearm for transfer to someone where you are. Keep your fees reasonable for that, and you will get business from those customers for other things.
  7. cottontop

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    I have a friend who is a retired gun shop owner. He never charged anything for a transfer. As a result, he got tons of business from these transfer customers buying other things (as well as guns).
  8. readygirl

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    Sorry, that is per month on the BP guns, We are in the suburbs, and most of the shops money is made on the range, and CCW/SAFETY/ADVANCED HANDGUN CLASSES. The 2 guys that own the place are retired LEO, They are great guys to work for, and i think they are happy if they just break even each month. Other than guns, their greatest love is the Little League baseball team they sponsor every year, they never miss a game....