business plan/sales idea in Texas

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    It;ll be a few months until I get my business up and running. The plan for new gun sales is to do what something similar to what walmart does; A customer comes in and orders from a catalouge. There would be only used and surplus arms with a low overhead cost to keep expenses down- thereby keeping prices low. 50% of the total cost is upfront, 50% is paid upon pickup.

    Does anyone see any potential problems with this system? I know that some people would want to buy a gun right off the bat that very day.

    Also - if anyone knows, is the manufacture of unloaded and unprimed cartridge cases considered identical to the manufacture of ammunition and in need of a license, or is it unregulated?
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    Most any stocking FFL will special order for a customer. My LGS charges 10% plus shipping. They require 10% down on the order. Balance at pick up.
    Holding customer down payments depending on shipments can cause some real discontent. Walmart can control their vendors.;)