Bushnell Trophy Red/Green Dot: Review and Report

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    I recently put a Bushnell Trophy MP Red Dot Sight 30mm Tube 1x 32mm 3 MOA Red and Green T Dot Reticle with Integral Weaver-Style Base on my 14.5" BCM upper.


    There's that old saying, most of us have heard it once or twice. . . :rolleyes: "You get what you pay for."

    This is repeated time after time in the firearms world especially regarding optics. I will honestly say, unless this optic breaks within the year. . . it is the most economical, quality accessory (maybe even component) I have ever installed on a firearm.

    I will say my experience with Dot sights is limited, but my experience with SIGHTS, in general, is not.

    Here's How Easy it Was To Get it to Shoot EXCELLENT:

    1. Turn it on and put 3 shots on a paper at 25 yds
    2. Adjust. Ya'll know this part, but the indication of amount of adjustment for the given distance was a little shy. No BIG DEAL though! Just keep cranking it till you Zero @ 25 yds.
    3. Step out to 100 yds. Fine tune. My irons ended up co-witnessing perfectly after dialed in. :)
    4. Shoot the crap outta everything with in 300 yds!

    I was getting about 75% hits on a 10" plate at exactly 200 yards. I started off a front rest (never did use a rear rest this whole time) and began to shoot from different positions. The only misses were due to shooter error. Although my irons co-witnessed, I preferred to fold down the rear and did not need to have a perfect cheek-rest in order to get consistent hits.

    Looking for a Red-Dot and don't wanna pay $500+, here you go.