Bushnell Fushion 1600

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    I had posted to see what everyone thought of these a while back and got no responses so I assumed no one had seen or heard much of them.

    I got these a week or so ago now and they are unbelievable. They are very, very clear and the ranging capabilities are amazing. I was able to hit a bush at 1,862 yards away.

    I bought these specifically for groundhog hunting so that I wouldn't have to switch back and forth between binoculars and rangefinder.

    I got the 12x50 and they are perfect power. I took them out doe hunting the last few evenings and even in the thick woods the 12 power is still decent to use.

    Overall I believe these binoculars to be very well built and I would recommend them to anyone for the price considering the other options of range finding binoculars are double the price or more.


    Ranging that and taking the picture was surprisingly hard.