Bushnell 1x4x24 pcl ar optic

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    I have the Bushnell 1x4x24 pcl (power change lever) scope that has the BTR-1 reticle that has holdover points from 100 to 500 yards. I've been playing around with it and not getting the results i would like. I know that the holdover points aren't exact, the directions say to sight it in at 100 yards and you should be close. i was wondering if anyone has this scope or if anyone has any expirence with it and can give me their opinion, because there is not much information/reviews on this scope at all.
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    i ordered this scope, looked through it a bit & returned it.

    #1) the illumination is not daylight bright

    #2) the FFP reticle is a great idea in some ways, but i found it made the scope somewhat useless at 1X (or it at least looked that way).

    #3) i also found the reticle too small and cluttered for my taste.

    it just wasn't what i wanted it to be. i did really like the pcl, i wish more scopes featured this as an option. and it was a good clear scope.....i just had too many issues with the reticle and the illumination.

    as for the holdovers, aren't they specific to certain type/grain of ammo? even then, they normally aren't exact.
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  3. John_Deer

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    I don't know about 24 mm. I have 4x32 scopes, they are barely acceptable. If the scope is new I would just take it back. Mildots usually work pretty good for holdover but it takes some practice to learn to use them. I use mildots more for windage than holdover to be honest. The best days to hunt are when a cold front is moving in which makes for a windy day.
  4. JTJ

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    Most of the bdc scopes have to be on the highest magnification to work properly.
  5. JonM

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    Your pretty much spoton. All low-end optics have issues with illumination in bright light that's one reason they are cheap.

    Ffp isn't really needed in a 1-4x optic just an added expense that doesn't serve much use since it's geared more for ranging quickly on multiple targets at various distances maintaning the same aspect ratio of the xhair to image as magnification changes. Something a 1-4 or even 1-6 doesn't really take advantage of.

    A bdc reticle doesn't mean you can skip range time to confirm your drops. You still need to know your drops at a given range for your intended application. My standard for a bdc is it's good enough if the rounds hit anywhere in a 18"x18" square at a given range. That means the round hits between the shoulders and covers the verticle from neck to belt for an ohsht zombie invasion situation.