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Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by ky2008, Feb 9, 2009.

  1. ky2008

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    I've searched on here but haven't found the answers to a couple of questions I have.

    I bought a bushmaster XM15-E2S a couple of years ago. Haven't done any performance upgrades really, more cosmetic then anything. So far I've got four rail forearm, 3-point sling, forearm grip, and a surefire mount. Can anyone recomend a good gas block with at least a top rail for a back up iron sight?

    The only problem I've had is it's jammed several times. Out of the 400-500 rounds I've fired through it I'd say it's jammed 25-35 times. It's always the exact same malfunction as far as I can tell, the empty case that is being ejected gets jammed in the ejection port when the bolt slides forward after the shot.

    I've tryed about 14 different magazines and haven't noticed any magazine that jams more then the others. It's always thoroughly cleaned after I shoot so I don't imagine that is the problem. I've only tryed one type of ammo (XM855PD) because I bought 1000 rds. It seems that it mainly jams after several full magazines have been shot through it.

    Anyone have any ideas?

    Oh yeah, it's the 14.5 Brl with the 1.5 izzy suppressor and collapsible stock if that helps.
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    My bushy is a little fussy with ammo. The cheap surplus stuff jams a lot. Try some american eagle .223 and see if it feeds better. Mine likes that a lot.

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    Change your lube. Especially since it is malfuntioning after several magazines, it seems to me that your lube is loosing viscosity from the heat.
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    good advice so far. from the sounds of it, it isn't any one magazine, so that eliminates that. you might try not loading the magazines all the way, ie- 28 rds in a 30rder, or 18 in a 20 round, see if that helps. try different ammo, different lube, that's worth a shot. other than that, look on Bravo Company's site, and add an O-ring, black insert, and different spring to your extractor. worth the money and the effort.