Bushmaster ORC .223

Discussion in 'Auto & Semi-Auto Discussion' started by chazzy, May 3, 2013.

  1. chazzy

    chazzy New Member

    I almost put a Bushmaster ORC .223 on layaway today....anybody have experience with them? Pros/Cons?
  2. lwhite

    lwhite New Member

    I recently purchased on of the xm15 orc rifles. I really enjoy the rifle. If you look through the forum you will notice that people will rip bushmaster. I personally love my rifle. I've put nearly 1000 rounds through it and no problems so far. It's a very smooth rifle. I've have experience with other black rifles and I personally think that no matter what rifle you get, you will love it as long as you clean it well and as long as you aren't going into combat with it. Out of curiosity, what price are you paying for it? If it is over price I would go with a different rifle.