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Bushmaster M17s "double-tap" PROBLEMS!

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Has anyone any experience with this problem? Occasionally, the weapon will fire 2 or 3 rounds downrange with a single trigger pull. It happens very randomly. Throughout a 20 round mag, 7-10 shots will be singles and the rest will be multiples.

***page 15 here has an explosion drawing

I have disassembled and inspected the lower end and cannot find any worn or broken parts. Once the sear(30-417) releases the hammer(30-413), the disconnector(30-418) is in the correct position to catch the hammer upon its return to the cocked position. The disconnector spring(30-419) is in place and is intact. The entire "ignition" assembly is free of carbon, and operates smoothly without any hung-ups. When the lower is separated from the upper for inspection, and the trigger is worked and the hammer returned manually everything seems to be operating correctly.

Does anyone have any ideas why this could be happening?

If I have to, I'll take it to a gunsmith to have it checked out, but I don't believe many in my area are familiar with this gun.

Bushmaster's repair dept. was NO help! They basically said, We don't make it anymore, We don't carry parts for it anymore, You're on your own.
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Now that I've fired about 150 rds. through it without a single bounce fire, I'm confident in saying that the gunsmith fixed my bullpup. The top of the hammer was chipped (looked fine to my inexperienced eye) and the bolt was not pushing the hammer down far enough to grab in the disconnector. Since parts are unavailable though Bushmaster, he built up the top of the hammer with weld, reshaped it, and then heat treated the part.

Maybe this thread will help someone in the future. Look VERY carefully at the hammer, the chip in mine looked like a factory edge at first!
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