Burris Posi-align ring Question.

Discussion in 'Optics & Mounts' started by cpttango30, Jun 9, 2010.

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    Because a buddy is not shooting F-Class (And I know I can shoot better then him). I am getting off my duff to get my 308 converted over for 1k shooting. Because it is a 1917 Rem Enfield action I have custom made mounts on it as it is. I purchased the Burris Signature Rings with the polymer inserts. I then got the off set kit. The kit has a +5, -5, +10, -10, +20, -20 offset inserts.

    If I am thinking right I would get 30 MOA by placing the -20 on bottom in front and +20 on top front and the +10 ring on the bottom rear and -10 top rear. I would get 15 moa if I replaced the 20's with tens and the tens with the 5's.

    Ok am I on the right track or am I off in left field looking at bugs in the grass?

    My load I think is going to be 43g Varget Rem Case 175gr SMK with a CCI-BR2 primer. Should get about 2670fps maybe a little more. test barrel was 24" mine is 26"....
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    I have no idea. I was looking at those same rings, and thought what an excellent concept, but than didn't know if it was only an elevation offset or a windage offset, or did it do both? So i got the standard signature zee rings.
    I will however stay tuned for further info. or a range report.
    Let us know how it works!

  3. Gatekeeper

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    Tango you are definitely on the right track. That setup is right and should give you close to the 30moa you are after.
    Just keep the ring halves together. Where people usually screw up is when they start mixing two different inserts on one ring (like -20bot and +10top on the front) trying to gain something. They are supposed to be used as matching numbered +- halves per ring like you suggested.
    I've got a set under a 24Br Leupold on my mossy M44us. I ended up using the same setup you suggested to get approx 30moa except I used the
    -10Bot and +10 Top in the front
    +20Bot and -20 top in the rear
    Either way will work but I ended up going with the smaller drop in the front because it gave me a wee bit more clearance I needed for the objective bell/sunshade.
    It took me a little trial and error because the scope was so long and sits in medium rings. Once mounted it seems very secure and when I shot it I picked up somewhere around 25-28 moa of elevation over the medium Leupold rings I had on previously.
    Gets me out to @225yards with subsonic 22lr match ammo:D
    Ive still got approx 25 moa down left in the scope from my 25 yard zero so someday I'll pick up a set of high rings and go for closer to 40 moa using 20 inserts front and rear

    They can be used to correct windage, elevation or both depending on the position you place the inserts, Gordo
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    Tango, where can you shoot 1k in your area?
  5. cpttango30

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    Quantico MCB.... they have F-Class matched there. Plus I an thinking of joining just for the 1k range so I can shoot more on it and get better so I can make the next season of Top Shot..... You guys all know that I would be golden on Top Shot with my Ego and over the top attitude most of the time.

    Gate Nice M44us mossy you got there. I gotta get working on mine.
  6. Txhillbilly

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    Tango,Gatekeeper is correct.If you want 30 moa,put the +20 on the bottom on the front ring,and the -10 on the bottom of the rear ring. You want your scope to cant upward in the front to gain elevation adjustment at long range.

    Burris Zee rings are all I will buy anymore.These things are the best!