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    Hey guys. took my r1 to the range yesterday. second time to take it. Got about 350 rounds threw it so far. No FTF miss fires of any sort. One stovepipe yesterday. Anyways as i was picking up my brass i noticed one side of the case was burnt black. I showed several of them to my bud at the range and he said he thought it was from gas blowback? What does that mean? Gun shoots great. He said to go ahead amd complete break in. The problem may fix during that time frame.I need yall's advice as to what to do. Also can you explain why this is happening? It wasn't doing that last month,when i put the first 150 threw it. THANK YOU,Steven :confused:
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    Its normal to see some burning or blackening round the top of empty cases. When the slide comes back there will still be some pressure and burning at the breach. If you watch some slow motion videos you will see it happening.

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    When I first got my 1911 it didn't do that either. Now it does. And it started around the 200 round mark.
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    A lot of my 45 brass is burnt. It's common.
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    As stated, that is from blowback.

    Normally, casing expands with pressure to seal the chamber, only to shrink slightly when pressure is relieved.

    Small soot, powder, chamber settings may allow some blowback until the casing seals.

    If it appears to be too much blowback, then get with the smith and use a set of go/no-go checks.

    Most of the time, it is of no problem to the shooter.
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    brass that is too hard which is often cheap brass or steel cases does this the most. it can vary brand to brand as well. not properly aneealing saves production time and production costs and doesnt really affect the function of the ammo over the short run.

    not properly annealing affects accuracy a lot.

    harder brass doesnt fully expand or stay expanded the correct length of time sealing the chamber preventing blowback from getting into the action.

    the gun runs dirtier.

    other causes can be poorly reamed chamber or incorrect headspacing but that isnt terribly common.
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    And some powder burns dirtier than others.