Bumpstock ban vacated!

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    Regardless of all of the chest beating and whining, the machine gun laws are what they are until they are overturned. No amount of denial or arm chair lawyering changes that.
    The laws have stood the test of time for nearly 85 years. It is being more than a little dense to continue to argue that the laws are "illegal."

    I wonder if you also deny gravity?
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    The effects of gravity are clear, irrespective of what the details might be.

    As with evisceration of the constitutional rule of law. The effects are clear, whatever explains why disregard of the Constitution's constrains are so prevalent.

    Yes, indeed, such wanton disregard for the RKBA and the impact of thieving it from people has been gotten away with for a century, in the U.S. None of which justifies it. All that shows is the take-over of the free citizenry has been fairly comprehensive in that regard, to the point those ostensibly hired to protect the rule of law have been systematically hoodwinked into complicity in protecting the power structures set up to defile it all.

    Some might call that "whining." That's on them.

    No amount of collectively tossing our hands up and doing nothing will cure it. (The contemporary "social justice" protests going on have proved that, if nothing else has.)

    An unelected bureaucracy arbitrarily changes law without debate and approval by the people's representatives.

    A single person in the executive arbitrarily changes law, against without debate or approval by the people's reps.

    The body of reps continues to be malfeasant in their duty to protect and defend the Constitution and its pillars.

    The judiciary continues to play willing partner in destruction of liberties, over time, through its disregard for the BOR's purpose, disregard for the prohibition's explicit disallowing of impact upon the liberty, basically resting solely on the claim that since they've gotten away with it for years that that makes it okay.

    Not an underestimation of the picture we have before us.

    It is what it is. Everyone needs to "call out" the willing participants, to haul them to the carpet for such deeds. Else, nothing will ever happen, and it'll only continue getting worse.
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    No but those who choose too defy gravity daily.
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    Poor analogy, gravity is of the natural world created by God.

    Gun laws are created by man.
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    The Hughes Amendment did not pass on a voice vote...but was put on the registry anyway..according to my Congressman in 86! There is no language in our second Amendment or entire Constitution allowing what the Gun banners did in 86! Nor the same with NFA 34 and 68! The Suppressors were added to the NFA of 34 because it was an Europe thing we didn't need them in America.. Our Constitution or Bill of Rights protections of oru Civil Rights continues to be "infringed" to be abridged, to be denied to American Citizens by the very same Politicians DAs and other who swore an oath to protect and defend our Constitution our Rights..and continue to stress that is lie that they support our Second Amendment Rights....and the $200.00 tax now includes a background check taking months, not included anywhere in NFA3! And ATF, DOJ and Administration within the last 3 years has witdrawn prosecutiosn, when they reached the Supreme Court on NFA and Suppressors and Machine Guns because they were open and shut cases that would have been ruled UNCONSTIUTIONAL.. This way they continue prosecutions for the same non crimes because most people do not have the money nor time and the strength to endure arrest imprisonment and trials and hearings etc. NRA undercurrent Leadership is all about the Leaders pockets! and in 34 they supported the NFA and in 68 GCA68 and Hughes Amendment in 86!
    We The People must find better Leaders, Men of Conscience, of Principal who serve because of the pride in serving and defending our Republic, our Rights.
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