Bump fire.

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    just barely over a week and she's already filing a lawsuit. wow.

    and she states it's not about money but answers. hmmm....not for sure i actually believe that nonsense. what answers could she hope for by suing the various manufacturers of bump fire stocks? even if they do make them illegal or regulated, they were totally legal at the time of the shooting. and the criminal actions of the shooter doesn't change that fact.
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    I was a guest on a local radio talk show yesterday (WYDE 101.1) and I was ask about this very thing. One, the bump stock issue is not even relevant except for the anti gunners to start the conversation, and I think this murderer will take his motive to the grave. As smart as we humans (think) we are we do not always have all the answers!!!
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  3. Dallas53

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    Mr. Jim, i can fully agree with that.
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    From some of the inconsistencies in the stories coming out of LV each and every day, we may never be given all the answers!

    Coverup or incompetence? Ordinarily a guy like this would have his whole life on display for all to see. He’s presented as a white guy with no known connections to any terror group, no background, no social media, no public presence on video anywhere. Not much explanation for his airplanes, his money source, why he had 44 weapons and thousands of rounds of ammo in the hotel room.

    To start: He was a millionaire from long-time gambling in Las Vegas? Get real!

    He was a mathematical genius could “figure the odds?”
    Casino’s are known for identifying and disbarring such people who win big bucks.

    He was wined and dined by the casinos because he was almost always a big winner? Ha!

    His house in Reno was mysteriously “burgled” before LE could do a complete search and they don’t know “what, if anything was taken?”

    The time-line of the security guard and the shooting changes, yet again.

    The security guard bailed on his scheduled appearance and disappeared?

    As Alice said….it just gets curiouser and curiouser.

    And I love to speculate on a good conspiracy…It’s only a theory if it turns out not to be true. Too early for that just yet! :)

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    Ellis36; Supposedly there is now a video showing another shooter from a different location. The guy in the room next door said there were multiple shooters. Also something about excessive powder residue on the security guard. Lots of videos are surfacing and stories are changing. If you have a cell phone you have a video camera and lots of people took videos. I just dont think one man could have pulled this off without help and not leave a trail. There are people out there who believe the end justifies the means and have no conscience. To them it is collateral damage. Will we hear about ballistics comparisons if they dont all match the guns in the room? After the recent FBI "investigation" on HC I dont believe the FBI is trustworthy. It all looks like a dog and pony show to keep the kids entertained.
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