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    I have to say this cause its just pissing me off and you guys can tell me what you think. I have three boys, they are all great marksman. I have now taken 10 of their freinds out shooting with us(with their parents permission) that were shooting for the first time. The stories were all the same. Dad cant have a firearm because.... Does this bother anyone else? What the hell is going on? Is it just my generation that cant seem to keep out of trouble? I am 37 or are the laws just getting stupid? These are great kids that have the wrong ideas about firearms. I consider it an honor to teach them respect for and that the fun of shooting, but when I think about the number of other kids that I alone cannot reach it scares me and makes me no longer wonder why in society as a whole firearms are getting a bum wrap. Chime in guys and tell me I am not alone, ot hell even tell me I am!
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    I totally know what you are talking about. There are so few people I have to talk face to face with about guns. I have my son and my dad. I have my neighbor. I find that my daughter's boyfriend has a felony conviction. He tells me he wants to go shooting with me. I'm not stupid! There is no way I am taking him. I am not taking any of my employees. It seems like the only people in their 20s I know that are interested in shooting are criminals.

    Is it just me or does it seem like every 21 year old insists on getting a D.U.I.?

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    Guess I'm pretty lucky. I work at an indoor gokart racing track. Real close to Ft Lewis and McChord AFB in Wa. state. Exposure to fellow shooting enthusiasts almost all day long.
    But the kicker is, when it comes to who goes to the range with me is very limited. No kids but my own. If the Parents aren't there, NO WAY. God forbid an accident happened and you get all the blame..
    Must be careful Sir !!
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    I'm also pretty fortunate. Most of my employees enjoy shooting and collecting firearms. I don't socialize with any of them outside of work but it's not often a day goes by that I've not talked about guns with at least one of them and it's not me who brings it up.
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    I work in an elementary school. WHAT yeah I know thats odd. Many of the people even the other guys I work with are not into guns or shooting. No big deal, Many of the husbands of the ladies I work with are into guns.

    Now the Gen Xers are raising the kids. That is scary..............
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    Gun laws are very restrictive. People view it as a way to keep society safe and law enforcement sees it as a way to keep themselves safe.

    I see it this way. What Felon is going to buy a gun at a gun store, give an address and thumb print (in some states), then use that weapon illegally; why not?

    If a felon wants a gun they will:

    1. Steal it
    2. Trade drugs for it
    3. Buy one on the black market

    I'd rather have a legal sale to a non-repeat offender who has not had any trouble with the law for 10 years than have a really bad guy get one with the intent on using it in a crime.

    There is no easy solution here and what we have now works, sort of.
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    I know the frustration of not having people that you can talk guns with, its sort of the reason I joined this forum. One of my college friends is in ROTC at our college and he wanted me to sight in his rifle at 100 yards for him and I told him I would. Well weeks past and he never asked me about getting his gun back. Come to find out he fell into the same gap as his father and grandfather as they are bad alcoholics and he got badly addicted to the stuff and failed out of school. The last time I saw him I hesitated to tell him he could come get his rifle because I'm not too keen on giving someone who needs to go to a few AA meetings a firearm.
    Regardless of my opinion I know I have to give him his gun back when he comes to get it because its not my choice as I could be called in for withholding/stealing property.
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    That is a tough call, although it almost sounds like he realized he maybe doesn't need it right now. If he does ask for it, try to gentle say something to the effect of I ain't your daddy but maybe it wouldn't be a good idea during your first year in AA to have a weapon. Actually I think there is a point about that, but I have never been so I can't say for certain. However if he insists I think you should give it back to him.

    Also maybe point out you can keep it safe and that it isn't a big deal for you to hold it. Either way it is going to be a tough discussion when it comes up.

    My bad i just reread the post and saw he wasn't in yet.

    Even harder...don't envy you.
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    God, Guts, Guns.........and Pansies

    Transsylvania Phoenix: God, Guts, Guns.........and Pansies

    Why is it so hard for liberals to understand what made America great? Going back to the infancy of our nation, Real Americans (you know, those who aren't emasculated bed wetting liberals) have viewed our place as the leaders of the free world as manifest destiny. Never before has a nation achieved so much in so little time on the sweat of those who had little to speak of but a burning desire for freedom with the only impediment to success being the scourge of liberalism.

    Our nation was borne of the frustration of big government that raped and pillaged at will. They silenced free speech, stole private property and enforced their will on the masses who turned out to be nothing more than sheep. If this sounds familiar, it should. The year may have been 1773, but it also could have been any of the couple hundred years between then and today, where the sheep still flock to their messianic leader with promises of more nanny state entitlements.

    Truth be known, the majority of colonists did not support the out of touch visions of such radicals as Ben Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, George Washington or Samuel Adams. They viewed those who spoke of freedom, liberty and rugged individualism with as much disdain as liberals today have for General Petraeus, George Bush, Rush Limbaugh, Newt Gingrich, Joe Arpaio or Tom Tancredo who all share a burning desire for preservation of our Constitutional rights from the continued assault being waged by the anti-American left.

    Were it not for guns, our small militia never would have found a way to win at Saratoga or Trenton. Were it not for guts, Thomas Payne never would have written Common Sense. Were it not for God, Thomas Jefferson never would have had the inspiration to pen the Declaration of Independence. Were it not for pansies, Barack Obama would not have been a serious presidential candidate.

    Luke, keep up the good fight!
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    Perhaps all employers should view a CCW as proof of character.