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Bullseye Loads, why 200 grain?

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I keep hearing that people who shoot bullseye always load a 200 grain bullet in their bullseye loads. Why is that? I realize that the DCM matches require a 230, but it seems that everyone uses 200's for everything else.
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Both 200 and 185 grains are commonly used BE bullets in .45 caliber.
Many feel that the bearing surface in contact with the lands must be
sufficiently long that the bullet is accurate but the bullet still needs to be
light enough so that the powder charge and bullet weight does not
cause excessive recoil.
Another reason is because the Hensley and Gibbs 200 gr SWC cast lead bullet design feeds reliably in 45ACP autoloaders and it punches nice, clean holes for scoring. Also, it is easy to make major with 5 grains of Bullseye powder.
200 gr

+1 Falphil. The H&G 68 200 grain swc was and is the standard for accuracy. Less recoil than the 230.

also I believe it aids funtioning.too light a bullet may not give the slide enough said before the H & G was proble the first and worked well why tamper with success.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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