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  1. biggun

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    I have new Glock 17 should I use jacket bullets and are you telling me I should not use cast lead bullets, I just want to do it right, are there data for Glock hand guns
  2. MrWray

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    Its a known fact in the glock world that you DO NOT use lead cast bullets in your stock glock barrel. If you want to use cast lead you will need to buy an aftermarket barrel.

  3. pioneer461

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    Depends on what you want the bullets to do. Nothing wrong with full metal jacket for practice, target shooting, plinking, etc. If you want to use the pistol for self defense and / or concealed carry, there are better options, most of which are jacketed hollow point. In the past decade or so, there has been a quantum leap forward in pistol ammo design, and the 9mm ammo available today is NOT your father's 9mm.

    I recommend buying US made self defense ammo, such as Speer Gold Dot, Hornady Critical Defense or Critical Duty (if you can get it), or Federal's self defense loads, etc. Yes the self defense ammo is more expensive, but self defense is not somewhere to go cheap, and it is not designed for plinking.