Bullet Stuck in AR Barrel!!!!!

Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by assualtready070, Jan 22, 2013.

  1. assualtready070

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    HELP I badly need some reassurance. I was out shooting today everything was fine and it happened! I fired a round nothing, no report, so I eject the round thinking it was just a dud. The bullet fire but only 3/4 the way up the barrel. Ok here's the fun part I tired taping it out with a cleaning rod and it wouldn't budge. I'm taking it to a gun smith tomorrow morning I am afraid that the rifling will be messed up because of the stuck round and from the cleaning rod. Can anyone tell me from expirence if the rifling with be messed up or if its strong enough that it shouldn't be damaged?
  2. mountainman13

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    The bullet won't damage it. The rod can. I usually use a wood dowel to avoid the problem.

  3. jjfuller1

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    it should be just fine. the smith will should be able to get it out no problem. im surprised you werent able to get it punched out but sometimes its better to be safe than sorry. i doubt there will be any damage to your rifling. good luck
  4. barnjoer

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    Have had several primer only shots with A friends reloads in A FNFAL 308. I have A steel rod almost the same 308 dia. & with A good smack with A hammer have been able to knock the bullet back out the chamber. This is just me & I am not tell you to do this or that is is the right thing to do. This is just what I have done in the past.
  5. pfev1980

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    The upside is the bullet is softer metal than your barrel, so it shouldn't damage the rifling. That is done like that on purpose. The downside is whatever you stick in it the barrel to get the bullet out may be harder, so relax, use a wooden dowel as suggested, or take it to the gunsmith and let the pros do what they do best. Patience preserves precious playthings.