Bullet scales?

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  1. ICleanBrassWithJager

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    I'm looking for a decent scale for measuring bullets, and can't make up my mind as I have no experience in previously using these scales.
    Also, while perusing the internet for bullet scales, I was thinking I'd like a trigger pull gauge. Advice on either of these will be great, and I thank everyone for their time.
  2. jigs-n-fixture

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    Reloading scales are used for weighing ammunition components. Be wary of inexpensive digital ones they are designed to weigh in grams. And convert to grains. So they are not truly precise enough for reloading. The precision is only about 0.2 grains.

  3. ICleanBrassWithJager

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    How many grains are in a gram?
  4. Gatoragn

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    1 gram = 15.4323584 grains

    1 pound = 7000 grains
  5. JonM

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    if your serious about loading a rcbs chargemaster combines an automated powder measure and scale, or you can get just a scale. good electronic scales can be had from lyman or rcbs.

    stay away from ced or frankford arsenal scales.

    higly recommend electronic scales especially the chargemaster.

    ive had my chargemaster about 5 years and its solid piece of gear
  6. robocop10mm

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    Some of the earlier Frankford Arsenal scales left a lot to be desired. I have one of the newer ones and it seems to be good quality. Accuracy is good.

    The Lyman digital trigger pull gauge works. I have had one for 15 years and have had zero issues with it
  7. Txhillbilly

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    I wouldn't waste any time or money buying the crap digital scales that all of the reloading supplier's sell. The resolution of most of them is really poor in most cases.

    You can buy a decent scale that will weigh true,and also comes with a 20 year warranty for less than most of the junk the reloading companies sell.


    Spend the extra $7.90 and get the AC adapter.
    In the 35+ years that I've been reloading,the Mack 20 is by far the best digital scale that I've ever used. I still prefer using a beam scale,but this digital scale is great for loading precision target loads,and is easy to set up and use.
  8. MaGoo Idaho

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    I have used RCBS and PACT. I gave my RCBS to grandkids, it would just bounce a around .1 to .2 grains, and took a very long time to stabile. I weight every load, and use trickler, it was very time consuming. Purchased a PACT and had about the issue. I latter found out that PACT makes the RCBS. I had a PACT chronograph that was just a piece of junk. Sent it back to PACT two times. It was never fixed, replaced with ProChrony. If I decide to purchase new scale I will look very hard at GemPro. They are not cheap, but have very good reviews.