Bullet kills motorist after "freak ricochet" off boar

Discussion in 'Hunting Forum' started by megamike, Feb 11, 2013.

  1. JonM

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    Pigs are heavily armored. Their shoulders are curved heads are curved. Its entirely possible.

    It happens with typical spitzer type bullets commonly used for hunting. 2000 yards isnt that far for a ricochet to travel from a centerfire rifle with the proper arc and old man murphy is a damn fine shot.

    Its one reason i prefer using 45caliber flat nose bullets for hunting. They have a hard time going very far just on their own and pack enough punch to tip over anything thats huntable.

  2. Sniper03

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    First of all what is the unlikely angle? I do not think that is possible if the bullet made a complete right angel ricochet off the skull! If it would have been a head on shot and with the Boars head angle it is very possible since Jon and the others have advised their skull is unbelievably hard. And it is! But if it was a perfect 90 degree ricochet or close? Don't think so! Because at a direct angle after striking a boars skull the bullet would not have flown that far due to being deformed. Then did it go through the open window or are they claiming it went through and penetrated the car window glass? It is my feeling there is something wrong with the story or we really do not know the facts as it was told. A ricochet is perfectly capable of going that distance if at the right angle.

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  3. hardluk1

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    Sounds like load of bull to me. More like a flat shooting round at much close distance. eevn a 1600 yard shot has so much drop froma 338lapua it would likely go in thru the roof of the car at 2100 yards.
  4. Car54

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    There is no way the guy was shooting at a hog unless it was in a tree for the round to carry 2km and enter a car to kill someone. BS, the old guy screwed up and fired a wild shot.
  5. Translations

    Guys, please remember this article is a translation from a French language newspaper. So the phrase 'unlikely angle' probably means nothing more than 'odd angle'. The translated article cites one witness saying the bullet ricocheted at '... almost a right angle.' One wonders from which perspective the witness observed the ricochet? How close was it to a 90 degree angle? Perhaps not as much as the witness thought he saw?

    Frankly, I don't think we know enough about this to say much other than, "That's odd" and "Unlucky fellow". To try to build any more logical thought is pretty futile.

    What really stinks is we'll probably never know the rest of it.
  6. JimRau

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    When a bullet strikes anything several things happen:
    1. It destabilizes.
    2. It loses velocity.
    3. It loses mass.
    4. It changes direction.
    5. It is damaged, changes shape.
    ALL of these occur EVERY TIME it is just a matter of degree depending on MANY variables. At 2000 yards, even an undisturbed bullet would have very little ability to cause any serious damage.
    A bullet which as been a 'ricochet' , from 2000 yards, would have less ability to hurt you than a projectile from a wrist rocket! :rolleyes:
  7. nitestalker

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    Way out west we would say the driver was "Bushwacked". To Hell with the hog find out who hated the driver of the car.:eek:
  8. hardluk1

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    oldman It does not matter what transaltion it is. Ain't happen.
  9. RUG3R44

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    HMMM. That's stretching a .338 pretty far!
  10. orangello

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    A buddy was telling me why they quit using an old oil drum as a backstop. They kept hearing impacts to their left and realized that their rounds were looping the back of the barrel and hitting the utility trailer to their left.
  11. John_Deer

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    I can't call that a ricochet either. That was either a negligent discharge or some just shot into the air.
  12. robocop10mm

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    HIGHLY unlikely. Sounds like a theory put forth by someone who was unable to find the actual shooter. Probably some anti-hunting bias thrown in. I'm calling BS