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    Howdy Y'all
    Well here goes the project for the shop "THE WORKBENCH" I'm starting from scratch a carpeted bedroom with blank walls. I have a desk, small work table, closet, book case, Chester Drawers and computer station.
    Well the western wall is the place where I'll start along the center to north western corner. It will be 6' long x 2' deep x 8' tall with a bench height of 34" high with a pegboard section with an overhead light in the 8' top.
    I'll probably add (2) drawers. Any ideas or suggestions are requested. I'll post pic's as the work moves on. Thanks for your support and interest.

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    Look on the threads search for this subject for advice.

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    I was able to purchase a top that already had Formica on it from a salvage place at a reasonable price per foot.
    I grabbed a couple of cheap cabinets from home depot that had a shelf and drawer. Made a frame of 2x4s on top of the cabinets and put the Formica top on. Gives clearance to use the drawers, plenty of leg room, easy to assemble, and easy to move if necessary.
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    Ambitous project and good luck with it.. Just wondering why you decided to make extra work for yourself and remove the carpet and padding.. Just build on top of it. My experience has shown that unless you dress the edge, it will string out and get raty looking.

    Look forward to seeing your project progress though.
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    I see youre an Arkansan like me.. I might suggest that you stop by the Arkansas dept of Purchasing and Redistribution on Young street in Little Rock on wednesdays..They open to the public for a sale of used state property including metal desks that are cheap and sturdy and cheap.....I had an old desk from there with good heavy duty drawers and I tossed it .Now thinking I need to go get another old metal desk in order to setup a corner of the shop for reloading....Wood benchs are flimbsy unless screwed to the wall, metal desk are generally sturdy and has advantage can be moved around as might be required and dont mess up a room inside your house...Think I gave 30 bucks for my old metal desk.