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    I had posted this erroneously on someone else build.

    I have used all manner of weapons my entire adult life. While I miss the ability to fire full auto - now that it's my limited dollars, I won't miss it all that much.

    My lower/upper receivers/BCG: ar-15 lwr-al.htm
    SI Defense AR-15 Billet A3 Upper Receiver, Stripped

    Barrel: (although I'm a little concerned with the maker, but we'll see how she fires in the spring)
    AR 15 Match H-Bar Rifle Barrel - 16"

    No fixed front sight. I will be attaching folding sights, just not sure which manufacturer quite yet.

    As this is a carbine length weapon, I stayed with the standard trigger from RRA. If I decide to build a different upper (possibly 6.5 or 6.8, or maybe just a 20" stainless barrel for range/match shooting), I'll be buying a much more expensive drop in 2 stage trigger. I hear good things about RRA's NMA 2-stage triggers as well as Timney's. Pricey that last one......

    Handguards. The last M4 I carried had Vltor CASV-EL - partly because of the ability to mount an M203. I'm accustomed to the feel of these handguards, but am open to something comparable if you have any suggestion.

    I frankly loved the Vltor Modstocks and will be going with one of them.

    I'm not doing high risk entries anymore, so I may skip the Tango down foregrip..;)

    I'm looking at a flash suppressor or compensator, but honestly, I've fired so many rounds down a barrel of either an M16 or M4, I don't think the rise is all that big a deal. Any thoughts on this and a preference?

    I've already got a good cleaning kit from Otis. Ammo is another area where I could use some help (both for plinking and more serious shooting)

    Optics - as this is a carbine, it would probably be smart to go with a red dot. I've been drooling on sights like Planet Optics now for about 2 months.