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Discussion in 'AR-15 Discussion' started by Shihan, Feb 15, 2011.

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    I have built a lower for a different build, just waiting on the upper to get here.

    So, now I am going to build an upper. I have the stripped upper, Thanks to Spitty.

    I am looking to build this on a budget.

    This will be for mainly target shooting probably no more than 200 yards. I am building it for the wife.

    Would like to go either 18" or 20" haven't decided fully, that is why I am asking for some choices.

    What twist rate? Chrome? Or other thing I need to know and look for and where to look for best deals.

  2. Squirrel_Slayer

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    You can forget about the chrome lining unless you are going to make the rifle full auto, and I highly doubt that is going to be the case. In fact, chrome lining detracts from accuracy to some extent.

    Now think about your barrel profile. Is she going to be shooting prone, off of a bench, standing? If this gun is to be fired solely from a bench or prone, I would think at least an H-Bar barrel or a bull barrel would be appropriate. But if this gun is to be carried alot or shot standing up, that rules out the bull barrel option. Far too heavy.

    Now distance shot......out to 200 yards, any option between 16 and 24 inches will fire that distance accurately, so pick your poison there.

    Rifling twist......if you are going to fire only commercially bought ammo, which I believe is of the 55gr. variety, you might want to stray towards 1:9 twist. If you are going to roll your own ammo, and want to shoot something a bit heavier to buck the wind better or maybe go a further distance, then look at the 1:8 twist barrels.

    Now remember, all of this info subjective, but hopefully it helps you get started in the right direction.

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    I would recommend going with the 20" Varmint or Predator grade barrel in 1:8 twist stainless so you have a broader range of bullet weights to chose from. The 20" Varmint is a little on the heavy side if you should have to pack it around for long periods of time. But man will they shoot. I have had two Rock River 20" Varmint A-4 Rifles over the years. Still have the newest one and both were capable of shooting 1/4 MOA Groups at 100 yards when using good ammo and the shooter on a good day! With that said if you want precision accuracy at 200 and Plus that is the way to go. And the 18 would be just as accurate at 200 or in that range. They use Wilson Barrels on their rifles, Not to be mistaken for Wilson Combat. No relation it is Wilson Barrel Company on the East Coast. Great Barrels. I know there are other good barrels out there also. Be sure you read on Barrel Nut Torque. We recommend no less than 35 Ft. Lbs. Good Luck on your build!

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    At 200 w/ a .223 Id probably want to shoot the heavy stuff. 1:7 or 1:8 would be my choice in twist and 18" stainless for barrel length. If I had the money maybe a little flutting to lighten the load. I had a good experience w/ White Oaks barrels.

    My research shows 35-36 ft. lb. of torque on the barrel nut.