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    so i'm wantin to build an AR from the ground up i guess you could say. lookin for some help since i have never taken down an ar or handled one much.
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    I found the book The AR-15 Complete Assembly Guide by Kuleck & McKee to be a great resource. There is a series of AR-15 assembly videos on Brownells web site that are very good as well. I believe they sell these on a DVD, but it's just as easy to watch them on the web IMO.

    Beyond that, be prepared to spend a lot of time looking for components, especially if you want to get reasonable prices. Some things are still very hard to find nowadays, and prices are still pretty crazy. Lowers and lower parts kits seem a little easier to come by than they were a few months back, but barrels, bolts and BCGs are still scarce.

    Search through some past topics here on FT - a lot of good advice has been passed down.

    Good luck. Let us know if you have some specific questions.

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    I can second the recommendation about the Brownell videos, they are very helpful. I assembled mine with a DoubleStar lower and a Del-Ton (Del-Ton, Inc. A complete line of AR-15 Rifles, AR 15 Parts and AR15 Accessories.) "kit." The whole project was a piece of cake --- I posted the build process here. JD and others here are invaluable sources of assistance and guidance BTW, we are fortunate.
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    Brownells has a free video, online, called AR15 builder. It is a step-by-step "how to" on assembling an EBR. Brownells Launches AR-15 Builder Website

    Here's Mine. I started last Christmas with a Bushmaster lower, which was a gift from my son. AR "flat top" uppers are back ordered for about a year, so you may have to get a carry handle and convert it later when the parts supply loosens up a bit.
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    You could also check this link in the forums above....


    Lots of information there...
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