Building a rifle (other than an AR)...

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    Hey ya'll...
    I built my first AR earlier this year and I'm already starting my second build. But I was also thinking of building something else (of a different platform).
    So my question is, what other rifles (or maybe even shotgun or pistols) can one easily build?
    I understand I can build a to of guns, but I want to build something that is easy to build, like an AR.
    I was thinking about an AK but I heard you need pretty special tools to build something like that (rivet machine, etc).
    So what is another gun I can build (other than AR 15/10) that is fairly simple yet badass?!
  2. sputnik1988

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    I cant think of a single handgun that the average Joe could build and the AR is the only rifle platform that I'm aware of except for a bolt gun.

    If you are wanting something different, you may be better off finding a run of the mill rifle and customizing it to make it yours.

  3. JonM

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    savage 10 and model 110 are pretty easy.

    tools needed:

    set of go/no-go gages (must)
    action wrench could prolly use a strap wrench if you didnt mind risking marring the finish
    savage barrel nut wrench (must)
    large vice with blocks of hard wood. drill a hole a little smaller than the barrel should look like this


    pic isnt mine just one i found on the interweb

    rosin for the blocks to prevent barrel from spinning in the blocks
  4. PappaJim

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    After the AR-15 the next easiest build to do due to the availability of after market parts would probably be a Remington 870 . The Ruger 10-22 has a fair amount of after market items available also. They also make Bull-pup style stocks for the Ruger 10-22, Ruger Mini-14 and Mini-30's, and if I remember correctly they even made them for the Marlin Camp Nine. Getting away from the Tactical style weapons, the Thompson Center Encore/Contender has millions of possible configurations due to the vast amount of after market accessories.
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  5. Quentin

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    Other than ARs, the only firearm I have "built" was a mixed parts Luger with a DWM (WWI) lower and Mauser (WWII) upper with DWM toggle train. Got it super cheap in 1975 because it was a real Frankenstein and over the years learned what I had and found DWM parts. Funny, it was reliable the way I bought it and after adding the period correct parts.

    Anyway now it's like an AR, I have two complete period correct (but non matching numbers) uppers from each World War that I can pin on a single lower. One is 1913, the other 1938 and they both work reliably.

    Actually lots of semiauto pistols can be built from parts but often hand fitting is required, unlike ARs.
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  6. TexasGunner

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    Within a week or so I will have finished my 3rd and 4th AR builds this year. I am currently building a 10/22 completely from aftermarket parts. Only Ruger part will be the factory 10 round mags. In my opinion the 10/22 is probably the easiest build you could do.
  7. robocop10mm

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    1911 parts kits are out there. AK's do require some specialized tools like a press for the barrel and riveting tools. HK G-3/Cetme rifles are easily built from kits and receiver flats. They require a jig for the flat bending/receiver forming and a barrel press. Some of the WWII SMG's are available as parts kits. PPSH, Sten, Sterling, Owen, MP-40 come to mind.
  8. seancslaughter

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    Build an Uzi nodal spud has receiver kits and parts kits relatively cheap
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    Nodak stupid autocorrect
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    I've seen a CETME 80% reciever before all this crazyness started. It was a piece of stamped sheet metal that you had to fold and weld the seams and then proceed to buy each part individually after that... Don't know how cool it would be cause there's not a lot of aftermarket out there for em and they're all pretty much the same but a semiauto .308 your friends have probably never seen before might be worth the build