Buffers on the Mini

Discussion in 'Mini-14 Forum' started by rifleman55, Feb 2, 2011.

  1. rifleman55

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    Buffers are a big help on the mini as far as keeping it quieter and adding to the protection of the parts of the rifle being slammed by the Op Rod.

    The one problem I have seen is the buffer is many times too thick on the front of the rifle on the gas block.

    A standard buffer made for a 45 semi auto works great as is put on the end of the OP rod, but many front buffers are too thick.

    The thing to check is that the gun easily goes into battery (closes) with the buffer installed.
    If it is too thick and the bolt has a hard time fully locking up, you are going to need to thin the front buffer until the bolt easily fully closes.

    The too thick front buffer is a cause of many problems with the Ruger,

    Having problems? Put a piece of 400 wet N Dry sandpaper on a flat surface and run the buffer back and fourth until you reduce the thickness.
    I have found som that need to be thinned to hald of their regular thickness.

    Myself, I just use the 45 Auto buffer in the back and don't bother with the front buffer on the gas block. I prefer my rifle to br 100% reliable.

    My Best, John K
  2. NGIB

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    I actually have some Wolff springs and 1911 buffers coming from Brownells this week. I needed some 1911 odd & ends so I added these to the order...

  3. masterPsmith

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    I always use a rear buffer, but when I use a front buffer, I slice it to half it's thickness. The bolt will rotate into battery with no problem. The front buffer just dosn't last very long, so I usually don't use on on the front.

  4. rifleman55

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    Agreed, the front one's just don't last and seem to cause more problems then they are worth.

    John K
  5. KMO

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    The front buffer has been a challenge for me because of the heat. They either turn to goo or into burnt toast. I have a sample of some heat resistant silicone on my bench. In my spare time, I was planning to cut it to fit around the gas pipe (aka piston). I'm optimistic about its heat resistant properties...;)