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    i own the stag model 4. i had a question about my buffer. i have noticed and my friend has noticed as well that my rifle buffer and spring are super loud. being in the military ive shot many AR style rifles and never have i heard the spring this loud.every shot its bang, BOING. it gets pretty distracting. i am looking at upgrading my buffer and my real question is, is there any specific weight limits i need to stay within, min/max? i have found one i am leaning towards it weighs 11.3 ounces. i mainly shoot federal 62gr but am looking to shoot a few 55gr as well to see how it fire them. before i spend big bucks i was hoping to get an anwser as to if this should work well/ or not. thanks.


    thats the one im looking at
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    Try some Breakfree, G-96, the Mobile One formula or other good AR Lube on the spring and see if it stops. If the spring is bone dry it can cause this problem. It did on the Military Rifles. As far as changing a buffer if you do I would only go to an H or H-1 Buffer they are the same just marked differently. You should never need a heavier buffer in a semi-auto AR unless the gun has entirely the wrong Gas Port in it, which I doubt yours does being a Stag. Guns that are that over gassed that much normally display other issues like feed and extraction problems. Stag normally makes excellent rifles. Lube the Spring first it should take care of the problem.