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Recently I was in contact with a fellow Badger and ICCF member who happens to be a holster maker. His name is Dave, aka buffaloholster, and he runs the Buffalo Holster Company of Wisconsin. Dave makes all his own holsters, both IWB and OWB, and they are the hybrid type holsters of which, until now, I didn’t think I’d be a fan.

I said I was looking for an OWB holster for my S&W M65 3-inch HB RB that would conceal nicely and be comfortable. Dave said to look at his Tombstone model, which I did, and he’d set me up if I wanted one.

“What the heck” I thought, I’d try one, so I placed an order. A few weeks later, this beauty came in the mail and I’M SOLD!

Buffalo Holsters uses only the best materials in construction. Note how strong these are…bullet proof in my opinion. I believe he raises the kydex himself allowing them to free-range prior to usage…

As his website states: “These holsters are a simple design but they wear like iron. 10oz. leather, .90 to 1.20 Kydex. Strong, super light weight, easy to wear all day long. Incredibly comfortable” and they are…

It’s is very comfortable and does conceal nicely holding the pistol into the body while still allowing a fast, proper grip.

When I gave Dave my specifications, and this is important for us all to remember, I forgot to tell him I prefer a 0 to 5-degree cant as I carry at the 3 to 3:30 position. The unit came with the full FBI cant and I was surprised that by carrying it just a little farther back, say 4 O’clock or so, it works very well indeed. Again, the misunderstanding was MY FAULT not Dave’s and he’s not even aware of it. He gave me exactly what I ordered.

You can see just how well made the holster really is and the extra belt loop on the pistol’s centerline makes all the difference in the world. You can wear this all day and darn near forget you’re armed, I did.

Buffalo Holster Company - Maker of practical, comfortable, durable holsters for the open or concealed carrier today. AMERICAN MADE~ Hand Crafted! Hybrid – Leather/Kydex holsters, Women’s holsters, Gun belts, Mag holders, and other accessories as they are developed.

You really need to see Dave’s website, Buffalo Holster Company, and check out his other setups, he makes many other fine models. I am almost tempted to try IWB again…though there’s not much room left “I” my “WB” anymore.

Dave can be contacted here at ICCF where he’s known as “buffaloholster”, you can also find him on Facebook,

I know this will not be my last Buffalo Holster…do yourself a favor and contact Dave…order…and be happy and secure.

Oh and the most important thing I almost forgot to mention is that his prices are beyond reasonable in my opinion.
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