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Discussion in 'Company Review Forum' started by rangerXLT91_05, Feb 4, 2013.

  1. rangerXLT91_05

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    I recently ordered a gun from them, a Ruger Blackhawk. When I did, it listed on their site that orders may be slow as they were getting a large amount of orders per day. My gun was marked as though it would be a while for it to be shipped. I placed the order on 1/22/2013, it was delivered 2/2/2013, which to me is very fast.

    Overall very pleased with the experience, was the only place I could find the gun how I wanted it and they provided excellent service!
  2. sputnik1988

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    The online part of the store is pretty good, they have a deal worked out with a business in Louisiana, Buds never even sees the guns, they just sell and get to keep a percentage.

    Their local store however is a joke, they treat everyone as an idiot, they couldn't care less if you buy anything or not and they have a " no firearms" sign on the door... Yeah, a gun shop is a GFZ:mad:

    I avoid them like the plague.

  3. danolator

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    Bud's is the best.
  4. kytowboater

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    I hate going to buds. Sure good online business. **** service in shop. Rude employees. I had ONE good experience there in 20+ visits. That was at the range. They jacked prices up a bit in store. But so did everyone else. I take my business to a local store down the road these days.
  5. 1turkeyhunter

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    I just simply boycott buds all together now! They are just rude, but also it gripes my a$$ they are a GFZ as was stated! But what pushed me over the edge was two months ago, a buddy I work with and I went there cause he was looking for 9mm! He is new to firearms and didnt know, but as I was looking elsewhere, they sold him 2 boxes of 50 tulammo for $54.00 I sh!t you not!!!! He asked me if I would buy 2 for him, and i said sure, until I found out what they charged him! I told them they were outta there f**king minds and I would never shop there again! Price gouging bastards!