Budget Red Dots.

Discussion in 'Optics & Mounts' started by Shihan, Jan 31, 2011.

  1. Shihan

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    I will give three choices, in no particular order, you give any information you may feel helpful.

    Other suggestions are welcome.

    1.) Vortex StrikeFire Red/Green Dot Riflescope SFRD.

    2.) Bushnell Trophy 1x32 Riflescope Red/Green T Dot.

    3.) Bushnell Zoom Dot Tactical Riflescope.
  2. dog2000tj

    dog2000tj New Member

    I don't have any of those red dots but I did pick up a Bushnell and a Tasco last year. Both were pieces of ****e ... so much so I returned them without ever mounting them on the the AR. :eek:

    I picked up an Eotech a little while later kind of on the spur but it hasn't been mounted either. I don't think I'll be keeping this model as it's not exactly the one I was thinking about getting.

  3. M14sRock

    M14sRock Active Member

    An Aimpoint. Best deal is from LaRue Tactical in a combo. Or if you have a friend who is an NRA instructor they can get 3 a year for a great price.

    Barring an Aimpoint, try one of these. VALDADA R.D.S. EDGE RED DOT
  4. JTJ

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    The Vortex has the best review of the 3 you have listed. You might look at the Burris line for the $200+ range. Aimpoint is hard to beat by anybody.
  5. Gatekeeper

    Gatekeeper New Member

    I've got a Vortex SPARC on my AR. Waterproof, shockproof, Lifetime Warranty
    Had it for about ten months now and have fired a few thousand rounds with it at the range and in competition. No problems yet, point of impact hasn't changed, mount is still tight, and the first battery is still going strong.
    $200 comes with riser mount that is for absolute co-witness and a spacer for lower 1/3 if thats your preference. Also comes with a screw on magnifier but it's pretty crappy glass and I don't use it.

  6. Ruzai

    Ruzai New Member

    I've heard good and bad about the Bushnell Trophy Red/Green T-dot. I had a chance to look at one and just from picking it up and inspecting it, I wasnt too impressed, mostly because the T-dot seems sort of clunky for quick target acquisition. I've heard mixed reviews about them but most of them tend to hold zero. If i were ok with the T-dot reticle I would have gone with it but its more of a personal liking of a single dot for me.
  7. TheDaggle

    TheDaggle Member

    I'm not impressed with my Strikefire. The dot is big and blurry, the supplied mount was VISIBLY crooked, the flip caps are a b***h, and it's not truly parallax free. Maybe I got a rare lemon, but if I could do it over again I'd either splurge on a better sight or get used to shooting irons.
  8. ennbee15

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  9. hawkchucker

    hawkchucker New Member

    Bushnell Trophy TS 25 is a great red dot. Have one on my newest ar build and love the thing. 3 moa dot and rugged as heck. Plus you can find them under 150 on the web. Only problem is they dont come with risers like the Vortex, but it is able to cowittness it with 3/4 in pic rail.
    Even mounted it on the Shotgun for a while before it was moved to the AR.
  10. BombDoc

    BombDoc New Member

    I have to say the Aimpoint is great. We have CompM3s at work with risers. They are pricey, though.

    I have a few TruGlos 2x42 dots. They are affordable and even my nieces and nephews haven't ruined any of them.
  11. DarinCraft

    DarinCraft New Member

    I have heard nothing but good about the Trophy red dot
  12. Harleygunner

    Harleygunner New Member

    Truglo ?

    I just bought a Truglo Tactical dual color, red/green dot.
    I'm just getting the parts together to convert my 10-22 to a AR style. I'm not a competetive shooter or anything, just doing it for some fun shooting. The scope , I know is a low end, price wise, but seems fine. The reticles are clear, at all levels of intensities.
    I'll know more when I get to zero it in at the range in about a week. Anybody have this, or similar Truglo ? Are they decent for the price?
    Any info?
  13. Harleygunner

    Harleygunner New Member

    Follow Up

    Just returned it today, after two trys at the range, could not get it to zero. Not sure what I will get now.
  14. Eroy

    Eroy New Member

    Just ordered an Aimpoint 9000 sc for my Marlin 336. I had a bushnell Trophy. Was accurate but the dot would come and go at will and the brightness as well. One of the reticles had a broken segment as well. The quality was not there so I spent 366 bucks for my Aimpoint, I'll let you know when I get it how it goes.
  15. njsportsman

    njsportsman New Member

    I don't want to beat this to death and in lieu of starting another post. I am looking for a red dot. I have gotten pretty good on the flip up sights but, now want to move on to red dots and eventually longer ranges. I know you get what you pay for and all that but, for now I want a red dot mainly for training and I think I can get away with a lower price red dot it's just what one do I go with. I have looked at the ones spoken about by the originator of this post and couple of added ones and it looks like a crap shoot. I just need something to get me through training. I am not a LEO or Military so I don’t need high tech at least for now. I am just taking basic combat carbine course for now and if I get more intense and serious than I’ll look at the Trijicon’s and that class but, for now economy is all I need. For that matter I'll better my AR or even build my own who know's but, for now I am looking for the best for less. Thanks
  16. jasondunbar

    jasondunbar New Member

    if you look at other forums you can pick up a real aimpoint compm2 or ml2 for around $250-$300 thats how much i just paid for a compm2 with mount.
  17. cpttango30

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    I have a question... Why don't you pony up for vendor status so that you can sell items here to people. Instead of just adding nothing but plugs for your products to threads.
  18. dnthmn2004

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    You forgot to include adding a discount for FTF supporting members :D. Otherwise, Promotive gets my business.
  19. Seven

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    From the ones you've listed, I'd go with the Bushnell simply for the 1MOA.
    fwiw, I had the Bushnell and the dot was too blurry to me.
    Look at the Nikon Monarch VSD before you decide. If you shop around they can be found for $200ish.
  20. ta1588

    ta1588 New Member

    I've got a Tru-Glo dual color red dot sight, definitely budget. Not a bad sight, although I think it may be 3 MOA. Only cost $50 so I can't too much complain.