Budget Deer Rifle for White Tails

Discussion in 'General Rifle Discussion' started by Dudley, Apr 27, 2007.

  1. Dudley

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    I got some really good advice at Shotgun world forum and purchased a 20 ga ultra slug gun and a bushnell scope. Good advice. Good gun choice.

    Wisconsin has some shotgun only counties and some where a rifle is allowed. I now have access to some rifle country.

    I have looked at the Savage 111 package gun w/ a scope. The ones w/o accutrigger are priced as low as $320. I think they are left over inventory of nonaccutrigger guns.

    The gun will be used strictly for deer hunting. I would prefer a composite stock. I might also consider a stainless action and barrel if that does not hamper the stealth aspects of deer hunting??? I am also fond of a bolt action. I have a remington bolt action 22 that I really like. I will not purchase a semi auto, but I will consider other actions.

    Most of my hunting will be from a stand. Most of my shots will be less than 100 yards.

    Any advice on a gun choice or caliber for deer? I have been eyeing the .270. I have several coworkers who are .270 owners and they rave about the caliber.

    It will be a woods gun and it will get dinged. That is just the nature of bringing a gun into the woods and hauling it up into a tree stand.

    I did not grow up hunting deer. I have only hunted for about the last 4 or 5 years so I have a lot to learn. Thanks in advance for your help.
  2. BrassMonkey

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    You can pick up a Remington 700 with a composite stock for around $400-$500. Heres mine in .308win.


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    deer rifle

    savage makes good deer guns and accurate.get .308 win.it will do job as well as any.plus cart are common.or you could get H & R handy rifle about $150.they load fast if you practice.30/30 will handle deer at 100yds.my son got deer with sks at 100yds and it dropped in its tracks.
  4. UnBound

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    My thoughts and reccomendation exactly...well, I am partial to the 30-06 cartridge ;)