Buckmark v Trailside v SP22

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  1. ChicagoJoe

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    I am hoping some of the more experienced shooters here can give me some guidance. I used to own a Ruger MK II, but sold it because breaking it down to clean was a royal pain. I want to buy an accurate, reliable .22 semi-auto pistol with adjustable sights that is relatively easy to break down and clean. So far, I am considering the following:
    1. Browning Buckmark
    2. SW 22A
    3. Hammerli (or Walther, Steyr, or whoever makes them these days) Trailside/Xesse
    4. Ruger MK III with aftermarket breakdown kit
    5. SW M&P22
    6. Walther SP22

    So, I have the following questions. How do these pistols compare in terms of accuracy, reliability and ease of maintenance? I have heard that the Trailsides often fail to stay locked open after the last shot - is that your experience? Do the Ruger breakdown kits work and are they easy to install? Are the Buckmarks worth the price premium? What other pistols should I consider?

    Thanks in advance for the advice.
  2. big shrek

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    Easy to break down...Buckmark's probably the easiest on that list...Ruger's the Worst.

    I'm really fond of the High Standard pistols...after all, they're the only US Pistol Mfr to win Olympic Gold...
    Ruger & Browning don't even have a silver between 'em...or a bronze, for that matter...

    For a High Standard...
    Remove mag, clear chamber, push one button & the slide's off, two grip screws...clean & reassemble...pretty quick & easy.

  3. Bigcountry02

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    I have the Buckmark Camper, accuracy is on target.

    Reliability, only FTF's are operator error when loading the 10 round mag.

    The majority of ammo is Federal and/or Blazer CCI.

    Ease of maintenance with the Camper is smooth. I always use a white towel on the table on disassembly. I always have to be careful not to misplace the sight base 2 lock washers for the base screws.

    I paid about $325 after tax for the Camper and have no issues.
  4. testarija

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    Great thread. I just picked up my Buckmark yesterday and will be trying it out this weekend. Can't wait. It's good to know that this pistol is the easiest to break down. I didn't look into that before buying it. The main features I consider was the eargonomics. It was between this gun or the Ruger. Glad i got the Buckmark....
  5. ChicagoJoe

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    After all that, I bought a SW 22A. The Buckmark and Trailside were too expensive. The Ruger was to difficult to break down - and wildly overpriced. I tried out a Beretta Neos and it felt great in my hand, but the trigger pull was too long and heavy. The trigger on the 22A felt great, the sights were good and it is designed to break down easily without tools. Now I need to get it to the range.