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    I have never ridden an actual train .....well I have, but theme park roundy rounds dont count . IF any of yall have , what was the best bang for the buck ? Have any of yall done all 3 amtrack ,silerton /durango run ,super speed bullet ?
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    I rode a coal train one year when I was a kid. It went from somewhere around Dayton OH to Metemora IN (Christmas town). It was a blast but everything was covered in soot when we got there. Really cool though.

    Metamora Indiana Christmas Tree Lighting - Bring in the Holiday Season in Metamora

    [ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XPczIUjetRM]‪Christmas Train in Metamora, Indiana 2008‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]

    Also took a train from Berlin to Pr-aha Czech Republic. That was pretty sweet as well.

    Really, any train you take is going to be pretty cool. Country side, relaxing.
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    Last train I took was in Germany. Good food and beer! Easy to get around and cheaper than driving to the big cities.

    Not counting the party train from Kaiserslautern to Munich! :D

    Need to add to the Christmas Train, need snow:

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    Only time I road a train was in S Korea. Took a train from the Southern coast to Osan Ab.
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    Last Christmas we took the kids on the polar express that went from Utica NY to Old Forge NY. It was like a 8 hour round trip through the Adirondak mountains. There were some amazing views!

    Adirondack Scenic Railroad :: Utica Special Event Trains


    We also did the Lake Placid to Saranak run.
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